CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Sociology


Based on the study of social life, social change, human behavior, society and different groups and organizations, the sociology gives meaningful and unbiased learning experience to students. It gives detailed information to students about the different religions, races, castes, customs and rituals. In class 11 sociology curriculum, the board has included very important topics including social institutions, structure, process and stratification, environment and society, etc. In order to streamline students’ learning and to upgrade teaching methodologies, the board has designed a well-structured syllabus. It is prepared with a purpose to develop a self learning habit in students. By using an updated curriculum, students can start their studies during their summer holidays and can score better marks in weekly and monthly tests. This is an informative document that makes students aware about the revised course structure and also informs them about the marking distribution pattern and the prescribed textbooks. The students, who are pursuing arts under the CBSE board can collect sociology curriculum online and can organize their studies aptly.  

CBSE Class 11 Sociology Syllabus 2014

The CBSE board provides sociology syllabus to class 11 students in advance so that they get acquainted with the current course structure. The board sets a goal for teachers and students through a revised curriculum. With the help of this learning document, students get a responsibility with regards to learning and understanding every chapter in the classroom and also completing their homework on a daily basis. Through this curriculum, the teachers also plan a session every day and test students’ knowledge at regular intervals. To keep pace with the ever-chaining educational needs of students, the board alters the class 11 syllabus from time to time. 2014 sociology syllabus is available online for students pursuing arts under the CBSE board. 

2013 CBSE Sociology Syllabus for Class 11

It is impossible to cover the entire course within a short span of time. Therefore, the board has prepared syllabi for all subjects and for all classes. Through a well-structured syllabus, students can start their studies steadily and can understand each concept thoroughly. It is provided to students so that they develop a habit of studying all subjects regularly for one hour. The board prepares curriculum specifically for classroom learning. Through a curriculum, a teacher gives necessary learning assistance to students. In the class 11 sociology syllabus, the board has added essential topics such as society, sociology and relationship with other social sciences, culture and society, social change, environment and society, etc. Students can download 2013 CBSE sociology syllabus online. 

CBSE Sociology Syllabus 2012 for Class 11 

Sociology is a known branch of social science subject. It widens students’ knowledge in understanding various aspects of the society including culture, religion, language, etc. The CBSE board has designed and developed a syllabus for class 11. Through this curriculum, students can thoroughly understand the topics that are suggested by the academic expert. The document also gives better clarity about the marking distribution pattern. Students can use the updated curriculum during their exam preparation. Using a revised syllabus will help students in emphasizing on topics that contain more sub-topics and carries maximum marks. 2012 CBSE sociology syllabus for class 11 is available online for students. They can use it before the beginning of the session and can understand topics in advance.