CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Political Science


A syllabus is a well-structured document, which is exclusively designed by the subject experts to incorporate essential topics in the course of class 11.  These topics indicate the learning objective that students are required to attain within the academic year. A curriculum acts as an agreement between the instructor and the student. Whatever a student learns in a classroom is being assessed by the instructor at the end of the year through annual exams. This process goes on and on every year to improve each student’s learning abilities. By using a revised curriculum, students can plan and start their studies ahead of time. This essential document contains important topics of the political science subject such as society, state and citizen, the organs of government, salient features of the constitution, fundamental rights and duties, directive principles of state policy, etc. Along with the topics, marking scheme and time period are also mentioned in the syllabus. Students can collect the most updated curriculum of class 11 political science subject online and can understand the topics thoroughly.  

CBSE Class 11 Political Science Syllabus 2014

Political science is the subject that develops students’ knowledge in understanding the society in a better way. The social, economical and political aspects of the country are thoroughly explained in the subject. The CBSE board has prepared a political science syllabus for class 11 in a logical manner. By referring to this informative document, students can learn each chapter precisely at home as well as in the classroom. It is an outstanding source of information that clearly states the expectation of the instructor. Through a revised curriculum, students can determine the chapters that contain more sub- topics and carry maximum marks. 2014 CBSE political science syllabus for class 11 is available online. Students can download it conveniently. 

Political Science Class 11 CBSE Syllabus 2013

The political science syllabus has undergone sea changes due to the ever-changing learning requirements of the students. In the updated curriculum, students will learn several new topics of the political science subject. Fundamental rights, directive principles of state policy, Indian administration, Indian constitution, political system, etc. are some of the topics included in the syllabus of class 11. Students can start their studies in advance through a well-structured syllabus. This essential guide will help students in learning topics in a step-by-step manner. In addition to this, it develops students’ awareness regarding the marking distribution pattern. Through this document, they can understand which topic carries more marks. 2013 political science class 11 curriculum is available online. 

2012 CBSE Class XI Political Science Syllabus 

The study of political science gives in-depth knowledge to students about the human rights, the role of administration in the growth and development of the society, the foreign policy, etc. The CBSE board has included all the information in class 11 political science curriculum so that students learn subject comfortably. A syllabus encompasses essential information about the course. It is prepared for students as well as teachers. Through an updated curriculum, students can plan their studies in advance and teachers can manage their time appropriately. In a syllabus, each topic is mentioned with the number of periods and marks. By referring to this document, students can prepare the topics that are lengthy and carry more marks. They can download 2012 class XI political science curriculum online.