CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Maths


Math is a basic subject that students learn from their elementary classes. It needs constant practice. It is proved that practice is the only way to score well in this subject. However, Math is that kind of subject which enables students to learn other science subjects. It improves students’ logical and critical thinking skills. On the other hand, studying Math opens up many career-opportunities and hence, most students are inclined to learn Math. However, to learn Math properly, students must learn its concepts and formulas in a step-by-step manner. After getting the degree in Math, students can choose different sectors including education, computer science and finance to start their career.

CBSE syllabus for class 11 Math is well-prepared as all suitable topics are added in this educational program by maintaining a proper order. Total six units are added in the syllabus and suitable marks are allotted for each unit. Sets and functions, co-ordinate geometry, algebra, mathematical reasoning and calculus are some chapters, which are included in the syllabus in an elaborate manner. However, students are suggested to practice reference study materials to practice each Math chapter in a rigorous manner. CBSE class 11 Math syllabus is available online and hence, students can follow this curriculum at the commencement of each session.

CBSE Math Syllabus for Class 11 2015-16

Math is a core subject. It strengthens the critical thinking skills of students. The career prospects for students with math background are endless. Math subject is not only confined to the study of numbers, formulas and symbols, it also helps us to understand certain rules that are required to measure or identify real life problems like time, distance, change, force, speed and quantities. The students who are bright in maths can easily make a career in Engineering, Medicine, Business, Astrophysics, IT, Civil Service, Banking, etc. The CBSE board has mapped the class 11 math syllabus keeping in mind the learning ability of students. The updated curriculum is available online. Students can collect it and start their studies ahead of time. Moreover, they can also understand the marking distribution pattern, which is recommended for each chapter. 

CBSE Math Syllabus for Class 11 2014

Math is an intriguing subject as it is a systematic study of numbers and calculations. Additionally, it gives students good career opportunities. Moreover, it is a scoring subject and students should learn this to explore in different sectors. CBSE Math syllabi are well-designed as these allow students to learn this subject in a step-by-step manner. However, CBSE Math syllabus for class 11 2014 is the revised course module and students, who are pursuing class 11 Science, must follow this syllabus in a thorough manner. Relations & functions, complex numbers and quadratic equations, sequence and series, binomial theorem, statistics and probability are some necessary topics and these are incorporated in this course module along with the suitable examples.

CBSE Math Syllabus for Class 11 2013

Some students find Math difficult as they cannot understand the math concepts. According to subject experts, students should practice Math on a regular basis so they can clear their doubts as well as understand each concept in a right manner. CBSE Math syllabus for class 11 2013 is ideally designed by the associated subject experts and hence, this is useful in all respects. All basic topics including geometry, algebra and calculus are added in this course module. Most importantly, the entire marks are suitably divided into all topics. Syllabus for class 11 Math CBSE is available online and hence, students can collect and follow this as per their convenience. 

CBSE Math Syllabus for Class 11 2012

Math syllabus consists of different topics and relevant sub-topics in a sequential manner. Most importantly, CBSE Math syllabi are well-formed as each of these is designed by the experienced academicians. Additionally, each Math topic is explained along with the suitable examples so that students can learn each topic in a thorough manner. CBSE Math syllabus for class 11 2012 is an ideal example of a well-structured course module. All topics are requisitely added in this syllabus by following a proper sequence. Moreover, pertinent guidelines are also mentioned in each syllabus to assist students in completing this before exams. However, students can collect this online.