CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Literature


The CBSE board distributes a syllabus to class 11 students with an objective to give them a basic idea about a proper study schedule. This learning document not only provides detailed information about the course plan, but also develops their time management skills. A curriculum contains the topic information along with the number of periods and marking scheme. The number of period information is purposely mentioned for teachers, as they have to cover the topics in the classroom within the given time frame. Besides, the marking scheme information is intended for students. By using an updated curriculum, they can prioritize those topics for the exams that contain maximum marks.

Literature is a compulsory subject for class 11 students pursuing science, arts or commerce stream. The literature is included in the curriculum so as to strengthen students’ reading and writing skills. Through a revised syllabus, students can understand the topics, which they will be going to study in the forthcoming session. In addition to this, they can also start their studies in advance at home with the help of revised CBSE class 11 literature syllabus.  

CBSE Class 11 Literature Syllabus 2014

A syllabus is a well-designed document containing the course information in a chronological order. The board has prepared this essential document with the help of an academic expert so as to maintain accuracy. This instruction manual is given to students so that they become aware about what is expected from them in the end of an academic session. In the curriculum, the detailed information about the course along with the time duration and marking scheme are clearly mentioned. Through this information, students can get a fair idea about how much time they are required to invest in a particular chapter. 2014 CBSE class 11 literature syllabus is available online for students.

2012 CBSE Class XI Literature Syllabus

Literature is a popular subject that develops students’ knowledge in understanding the prose, poetry and drama. It provides complete information about the topics along with the grading policy that are prescribed by the board. The CBSE board distributes the revised curriculum in the beginning of the new session so that students get in-depth knowledge about the course. In the revised document, the board has set learning goal for both, students as well as for teachers. In addition to this, the board prescribed textbooks names are also mentioned in the syllabus so that students prepare topics thoroughly by referring to these books. Students can collect 2012 class XI literatures syllabus online. 

Literature Class 11 CBSE Syllabus 2013

A syllabus represents the course information in a sequential manner in order to give students a better understanding of the topics. Besides, students also get information about the assignment and project submission due-dates, marking scheme and prescribed textbooks names for the literature subject. The board provides updated curriculum to students so that they stay focused on the course objective and strive hard to achieve it within the academic year. By taking a revised syllabus, students can learn, understand and revise each topic of literature subject systematically. The document is a record of a class 11 literature subject course detail that is carefully prepared by an academic expert after conducting research. Students can collect 2013 class 11 CBSE literature syllabus online.