CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 English


English is an interesting subject and it is necessary to learn as this subject gives students scopes for many job-opportunities. As we all know, language is a medium of communication and hence, knowing languages especially English is useful for students. It is extensively used in official matters. According to research, this language is used as an official language of a large number of countries in the world. Almost 2 billion people use this language as a medium of communication. However, CBSE board has prepared suitable English syllabus for each academic standard. Additionally, it designs sample papers, worksheets and other useful learning documents to encourage students to learn this subject in a thorough manner. Moreover, the board analyzes the current educational scenario and based on that it modifies each of its syllabi from time to time. CBSE class 11 English course of study is well-structured and students must follow this to get good score in exams. Apart from this, this syllabus is informative and boost up students’ reading, writing and comprehension skill in a right manner. The entire syllabus is divided into three sections and each section imparts requisite information about each topic. Section A is all about reading comprehension and Section B is designed to nurture student’s writing skill and grammar. Section C contains long reading texts or novels. 

CBSE Class 11 English Syllabus 2016

English is one of the important subjects as it is a medium of global business. This subject is noticeably used in different sectors starting from the private organizations, health care to travel and tourism and several Government sectors. Most importantly, this subject is used as the medium of global communication. Keeping in mind its significance, the CBSE board has prepared each English syllabus in a suitable manner. However, CBSE class 11 English syllabus is a great combination of texts and grammar chapters. It includes a good number of chapters to improve students’ reading as well as writing skills. Moreover, CBSE class 11 English syllabus 2016 is the latest course structure and students can collect this academic program online.

CBSE Class 11 English Syllabus 2015

English is necessary to learn as through this subject students can communicate with others globally. Knowing English enables students to get their desired jobs, as well. However, CBSE is an eminent educational board and it imparts suitable knowledge about English subject to make students eligible for different job opportunities. CBSE English syllabus designed for class 11 is well-geared as all essential topics are added in this syllabus in a required manner. However, the entire syllabus is set in such a manner that students can follow this conveniently. Different sections are added in this syllabus for the convenience of students. Most importantly, each English syllabus of CBSE board is modified at every academic session and hence, students get updated information in all respects. 

CBSE Class 11 English Syllabus 2013-14

CBSE English syllabi are well-prepared as all essential topics are included in these in a right manner. Most importantly, each CBSE syllabus is prepared under the guidance of subject experts and hence, it meets students’ learning requirements in a thorough manner. Class 11 is an important academic standard when students should get thorough understanding in each basic subject. Apart from this, proper knowledge of class 11 syllabus enables students to score well in class 12 final exam as the syllabi of academic standards 11 and 12 are interrelated. However, CBSE Class 11 English syllabus designed for 2013-14 academic session is worthy to follow. 

CBSE Class xi English Syllabus 2012-13

CBSE syllabi are well-geared as each of them makes students familiar with the course or subject in a right manner. Based on the current educational scenario, the concerned department makes requisite changes in each CBSE syllabus. Therefore, students get updated information in all manners. English is an important basic subject and knowing English is essential as it is a basic criterion for any standard job. However, CBSE English syllabus designed for class 11 is worthwhile for students and it is comprehensive, as well. The entire syllabus is divided into three sections and each section gives information about each topic. Moreover, this syllabus enhances students’ reading, writing and grammar skill in a requisite manner.

English Syllabus for Class 11 CBSE 2012

English is essential to know as it is noticeably used in many fields. Top books, music and films are usually published in English and hence, students must learn this subject. Additionally, through this subject, students can communicate with others across the globe. As we all know, CBSE is a standard educational board and it measures students’ learning capability as per their academic standard and based on that it designs suitable syllabus and other learning documents. CBSE English syllabi are informative and useful for students. English curriculum designed for class 11 covers all essential chapters and it enhances students’ grammar and comprehension skill. However, the board amends each English syllabus at regular intervals to give students revised information. English curriculum designed for 2012 is well-structured in all manners.