CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Business Studies


Business Studies is an interesting subject of Commerce. It deals with the commercial awareness and hence, this subject is noticeably appreciated in many job-oriented sectors. Students, who opt for Commerce stream, learn this subject in classes 11 and 12. However, after completion of the degree in Business studies, students can apply for jobs in investment, banking, general management, retail and public relation sectors. In brief, it gives vast job exposures to students. Hence, they must learn this subject to understand the marketing strategy, finance and other relevant matters. CBSE class 11 Business studies course module is well-designed. This syllabus gives students a basic understanding about this subject. Moreover, CBSE syllabus for class 11 Business Studies covers a good number of topics in a requisite manner. 

CBSE class 11 Business Studies syllabus is divided into two parts. First part imparts information about the foundations of business whereas the second part is all about the finance and trade. Total 100 marks are allotted for this subject including the project work. Some important topics added in this curriculum are forms of business organizations, emerging modes of business, sources of business finance, internal trade and others. However, each topic is elaborately narrated and hence, students get thorough information from this educational program. Students can collect Business Studies syllabus class 11 CBSE online.

CBSE Business Studies Syllabus for Class 11 2014

Business Studies is an important part of commerce stream. This subject is well-appreciated in the sectors of International trade, finance, retail management and others. However, class 11 CBSE Business studies syllabus is well-prepared as it consists of all relevant topics in a sequential manner. Additionally, it is understandable and convenient to follow. It gives students thorough information about the concept of business, objective of business, forms of business organizations, business services and others. Additionally, through this subject, students can learn about banking services, insurance, e-business, the benefits and scopes of e-business, business ethics, the concept of business finance and others. CBSE Business Studies syllabus for class 11 2014 is the latest curriculum and students must follow this educational program thoroughly to get better scores in exams.

CBSE Business Studies Syllabus for Class 11 2013

Business studies comes under the Commerce stream. Students can learn this subject specifically from class 11. However, CBSE class 11 Business studies syllabus is well-structured. It is important to learn as it gives good exposures in many job-oriented fields. Moreover, this subject includes the concepts of finance and marketing. However, CBSE class 11 Business Studies syllabus is informative as well as useful for students as it is ideally prepared by focusing on the students’ learning demands. All pertinent chapters including business service, public, private and global enterprises, small business and others are included in this course module along with their sub-topics. However, the CBSE Business Studies syllabus for class 11 2013 is available online.

CBSE Business Studies Syllabus for Class 11 2012

Learning Business studies is important as it gives students good opportunities in job-oriented sectors. Some job options related to this subject are corporate investment banker, risk manager, management consultant, insurance underwriter and others. However, this subject is highly appreciated in the finance, insurance, retail management and investment sectors. CBSE Business Studies syllabus for class 11 is intelligible as well as extensive. It makes students familiar with the concepts of business and its characteristics, business risks, formation of a company and basic factors of a company, business services, scopes of e-business, internal trade, external trade and others. However, the CBSE Business Studies syllabus for class 11 2012 is well-prepared and it is available online.