CBSE Syllabus for Class 11 Biology


Biology is interesting as it explains the nature, growth, evolution and importance of other living creatures around us. It is a vast subject and students can choose this subject in their higher studies. However, it has many branches and each branch deals with the specific matter. For instance, cellular biology is all about the cell, the building block of life and biochemistry is known as the rudimentary chemistry of life. In brief, Biology is all about cell, genes, function and evolution of living entities. This subject gives good job-opportunities to students. Soil Scientist, Pharmacologist, nature conservation officer, clinical molecular geneticist and others are some good career options related to this subject.

To give students a basic idea about this subject, the CBSE board has prepared an appropriate Biology syllabus for class 11 students. All necessary topics along with their sub-topics are requisitely added in this course module. However, CBSE syllabus for class 11 Biology is divided into five units. Total 70 marks are allotted for theory. Structure and function of cell, diversity of living organisms, plant physiology are some important chapters of Biology class 11 syllabus CBSE. However, students can practice some reference study materials including sample papers, old question papers to understand this course of study before their exams.

CBSE Biology Syllabus for Class 11 2015-16

Biology is the most interesting subject of science stream. It provides a better insight into the life cycle of living beings. In simple words, it is the study of a wide variety of living things. The subject is widely required in many branches, including medicine, forensic science, oceanography, environmental science, research, psychology, etc. For class 11 and 12, the CBSE board has added biology subject as a separate subject under the science stream.  With the guidance of experts, the board has prepared a revised biology syllabus for the academic year 2015- 16. Students can download the updated curriculum online and can understand the chapters, which they required to study. Besides, they can also get an idea about the marking scheme and the number of periods allotted for each chapter. 

CBSE Biology Syllabus for Class 11 2014

Biology is interesting as it makes students aware about the function, growth and importance of each animal and plant. Cell theory, genetics and evolution are some important chapters of this subject. However, CBSE class 11 Biology syllabus is well-designed and hence, students can conveniently complete this course module before their exams. Each unit of this syllabus imparts specific information. For instance, unit –I provides the information about biodiversity, five kingdom classification and unit –II gives the knowledge about the morphology, animal tissues. Unit –III is designed with cell theory, cell division whereas unit –IV and V makes students aware about the mineral nutrition, transport in plants, respiration, photosynthesis, plant development, body fluids and circulation, locomotion and movement and others. CBSE Biology syllabus for class 11 2014 is the updated course module and students can collect this online.

CBSE Biology Syllabus for Class 11 2013

Biology is an imperative subject of Science stream. It is all about the life and different living organisms. This subject explains the function of cell and the importance of each living creature. There are many branches of Biology and students can choose these in the higher studies. However, this subject is not only appreciated in education, but also used in research and development fileds. CBSE class 11 Biology syllabus is worthwhile and students must follow this to develop a good base of this subject. However, the entire syllabus is divided into five units and each unit imparts thorough knowledge about each topic. CBSE Biology syllabus for class 11 2013 is available online and hence, students can easily collect this document without facing any problem. 

CBSE Biology Syllabus for Class 11 2012

CBSE Biology Syllabus for Class 11 2012 is well-prepared as it is ideally designed to give students a thorough knowledge about this subject. Five units are added in this syllabus so that students can learn each topic in a consecutive manner. However, total 70 marks are allotted for theory part. Plant physiology, human physiology and cell are some important chapters of this course module and students must learn these chapters in a thorough manner. Additionally, the board offers suitable study materials including Biology sample papers and worksheets and students are suggested to practice these papers to clear their doubts before exams.