CBSE Class 10 Syllabus 2016


Class 10 is a certainly a challenging and interesting phase of students’ academic life. The moment they enter into this phase, they are being forced by their parents and teachers to score good grades or to perform well in the exam. In simple words, the expectations are more from students at this stage. In class 10, students not only gain theory based knowledge, but also they get exposure to practical sessions. The CBSE board offers education to class 10 students in various subjects including, English Communicative and English Language & Literature, Hindi A and Hindi B, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. With the assistance of subject experts, the CBSE board has prepared a well-structured syllabus for each subject. The curriculum contains the list of chapters and number of sessions that students are required to cover within the academic year.  

The main aim of providing a syllabus to students is to make them aware about the learning objectives that are expected from them. The board makes necessary changes in the updated curriculum so as to keep students abreast with the ongoing educational requirements. With the help of a syllabus, students can make their studies more organized and can dedicate maximum time in their studies. Apart from course information, the syllabus also contains the names of prescribed textbooks that students can refer for each subject. The 2016 curricula for all subjects are available online for students.