CBSE Subjects for Class 7


The CBSE board has identified as one of the reputed educational systems of India. Its well- structured learning programs encourage students to acquire enormous knowledge in all subjects. The innovative teaching methodology combined with monthly and yearly assessments ensure that every student is academically benefitted. The CBSE subjects for class 7 are English, Math, Science, Social Science and Hindi. With the support of academic experts, the board has structured an informative and unique syllabus for all subjects. Along with this, several sample papers are also designed by the board. By practicing past year question papers, students can improve their learning skills and can score well in all subjects. Students can download updated CBSE syllabi of all subjects online.

CBSE Class 7 English

The CBSE board educational programs are not just confined to academic knowledge, but also students are being exposed to various classroom activities including debates, quizzes and surprise tests. With this learning style, students openly express their thoughts and views on a particular topic. The CBSE class 7 English syllabus is designed to give detail knowledge of English grammar and literature to students. All the topics are included in the syllabus to improve students reading, writing and comprehension skills. English language is formed with the help of a set of words and sentences, which is constructed from English alphabets. Students can get an updated syllabus of CBSE class 7 English subject online.

CBSE Class 7 Maths

Every endeavor of the CBSE board is directed towards imparting quality education to students. With revised class 7 educational program, students earn immense expertise and also apply the knowledge in an appropriate manner. Apart from this, students are being prepared for various classroom sessions and activities with the help of well-evaluated syllabus. Further, their academic knowledge is evaluated through weekly, monthly and yearly assessments. Maths is a useful subject and with proper guidance, students enhance their problem solving skills. By referring to revised syllabus, the instructors develop students reasoning skills and make them better in terms of dealing with complex math sums. Students can download a well-evaluated CBSE Class 7 Maths syllabus online.

CBSE Class 7 Science

Students get familiar with many unsolved mysteries of the universe and scientific discoveries and inventions through Science subject. It is the most interesting and informative subject. In class 7, students learn science in accordance with the topics prescribed in CBSE syllabus. By using a revised syllabus, the teachers provide excellent study guidance to students that enable them to reinforce their connection to natural world. The study of different varieties of living organism and physical phenomena are concisely mentioned in the CBSE Class 7 science syllabus and also properly explained in the textbooks. Based on the CCE pattern, students can collect a new and revised science syllabus for class 7 online.

CBSE Class 7 Social Science

The CBSE class 7 social science syllabus is revised from time to time in order to keep students abreast with latest educational requirements. Social science is also an imperative subject as it gives a deeper understanding to students about the society and its growth and developments. It is a study of people their diverse cultures, religions, living style and many more. Students can understand the all the topics of social science through CBSE class 7 social science syllabus. The syllabus is prepared under the supervision of academic experts, who are well-versed with the learning capability of students. Students can download the CBSE class 7 social science syllabus online.

CBSE Class 7 Hindi

The CBSE board strictly adheres to defined educational norms and standards while designing syllabus for class 7. Hindi is added as a second language subject in class 7 CBSE curriculum. Language subjects are included in the syllabus with an objective to develop students reading and writing habits and also inculcating books reading habit in them. The board conducts weekly, monthly and yearly assessments so as to determine students’ knowledge in the subject. With the help of an updated syllabus, students learn and understand Hindi grammar in an effective manner. Students can easily download the CCE pattern based CBSE Class 7 Hindi syllabus online.