CBSE Subjects for Class 5


The CBSE board is a renowned educational board of India as this board analyses students’ learning demands and based on that, it prescribes suitable syllabus for each standard. Additionally, the board amends each syllabus from time to time to keep its trustworthiness in all respects. Therefore, by following this syllabus thoroughly, students can easily keep them updated with all current subject matters and hence, they can meet job oriented requirements, as well. The CBSE board has chosen subjects for each class carefully and based on the current research, the board includes each topic thoroughly in each subject. Additionally, the board incorporates topics in each syllabus in a sequential manner and it helps students in learning that particular subject thoroughly. Moreover, in that case, students do not lose their interest towards this subject, as well. The Board designs several worthwhile learning resources for students of different classes. To keep students more familiar with the examination process, the board provides suitable sample papers, worksheets, test papers and other relevant study materials. Moreover, the board prepares all these learning resources by following the CCE pattern to enhance students’ performance in exams. Additionally, the board makes all its question papers available online so that students can take requisite learning help from these at their convenient time.

Class 5 is an important standard of a student’s life as this is the ideal time to understand the basic concepts of each subject. Keeping in mind this scenario, the CBSE board has included some basic subjects in class 5 syllabus. CBSE subjects for class 5 are Maths, English, Hindi and Environmental Science. Additionally, the relevant topics are also included in each syllabus. Besides this, students get useful test papers, worksheets for each subject and these worthwhile resources make students’ more familiar with subjects included in the syllabus.

CBSE Class 5 English

English is a basic subject and it is included in the CBSE syllabus designed for class 5.Based on the current research, the board includes this subject in the syllabus along with some relevant topics. CBSE class 5 English syllabus is designed by keeping in mind students’ all learning requirements so that it is well-structured in all manners and it also imparts adequate knowledge to students. The board has adopted the CCE pattern and through this system, it determines students’ learning difficulties in a detailed way and consequently, it offers remedial measures, as well. As a result, students’ overall performance in exams has improved in a noticeable manner. Based on this CCE pattern, the board prepares its English syllabi, question papers and other useful study materials to give students sufficient assistance as per their learning needs.

CBSE Class 5 Maths

Math is a basic subject and it is included in the CBSE class 5 syllabus in a required manner. The CBSE board first analyzes students’ learning needs and according to that, it designs suitable syllabus for each subject. This strategy is also applied for Math syllabus. All relevant topics are incorporated in the CBSE class v Maths syllabus in a sequential manner. Shapes and Angles, How many squares, area and its boundary are some important topics through which students can learn Math thoroughly as per their standard. Additionally, the board also provides Math sample papers, test papers and worksheets to brush up students’’ knowledge before exams. Moreover, students can find out CBSE class 5 Maths question papers online. Hence, they can practice these at their convenient time.

CBSE Class 5 Science

Science is an intriguing subject and it makes us aware about the real facts behind many occurrences. Based on its importance, the CBSE board includes each topic in each Science syllabus. CBSE class 5 Science syllabus is specified as a well-structured syllabus through which students can gain requisite knowledge as per their standard. Additionally, the CBSE board provides sample papers, test papers, and worksheets for this subject and these are ideally prepared to make students more familiar with this subject. According to academic experts, students should practice previous year question papers adequately to brush up their knowledge before their final tests. These papers boost up students’ confidents, as well. Moreover, these all learning resources are available online.

CBSE Class 5 Social Studies

Social studies gives students adequate information about the society and the relationship between society and people. Many subjects come under this discipline. Through this discipline, students can get information related to History, Economics, Psychology, Civics, religious studies, Anthropology and others. CBSE class 5 Social Studies syllabus is a well-evaluated syllabus and it maintains a comprehensive feature, as well. Additionally, the board prepares appropriate sample papers, test papers and worksheets for this subject. Moreover, students are advised to use last year question papers thoroughly to get familiar with the current question pattern and marking scheme. Most importantly, the CBSE board makes all its learning resources available online for the usefulness of students.

CBSE Class 5 Hindi

Hindi is included in class 5 syllabus designed by the CBSE board. According to the students’ standard, the board prepares suitable Hindi syllabus for class 5 by including all relevant topics in a sequential manner. Apart from the syllabus, the board also designs CBSE class 5 Hindi sample papers, test papers, worksheets and other useful learning materials so that students can get any kind of learning assistance at their convenient time. Moreover, the board follows CCE pattern while preparing sample papers, question papers and other learning resources and hence, these papers meet students’ learning needs properly and additionally, these papers make students confident before their final tests. Students can collect all these useful resources online.

CBSE Class 5 Environmental Studies

Environmental studies is good to learn as some useful topics are included in the class 5 Environmental Studies syllabus offered by the CBSE board. It is all about the environment and the right solutions of Environmental problems. Through this subject, students can get to know more about the policies related to environment and relevant matters. Additionally, students can understand the relationship between human and environment. All essential topics are incorporated in this syllabus. Experiments with water, Blow hot blow cold, A treat for Mosquitoes are some topics which are added in this syllabus. Moreover, the board designs suitable sample papers, test papers and other useful study materials for this subject. Most importantly, these papers are available online and through these papers, students can get requisite information in a thorough manner.