CBSE Subjects for Class 4


CBSE board has been offering a robust, holistic school education to students since its inception. The board first analyzes students’ learning requirements and according to that, it prepares suitable syllabus for each class. Additionally, the board designs appropriate question papers to evaluate students’ subject knowledge at the end of each academic session. Moreover, to keep students stress free during exams, the board also designs sample papers for each class. The CBSE board conducts research to get to know the current educational requirements and based on that, it chooses suitable subjects and their relevant topics. Hence, students, who are pursuing their studies under this board, get updated information and keep them prepared for any competitive exams.

The CBSE board has prepared a well-structured syllabus for class 4 by incorporating all important subjects and their relevant topics in a sequential manner. CBSE subjects for class 4 are Maths, Environmental studies, English and Hindi. Students need to learn these subjects thoroughly to gain the basic understanding in each subject. Moreover, students can get useful sample papers, worksheets for class 4 and these are ideally designed for class 4 students. Students can collect these worthwhile learning resources online and hence, they can practice these as per their requirements.

CBSE Class 4 English

English is a basis subject and it is included in the class 4 syllabus as per the students’ standard. Through this syllabus, students can learn the advanced information about some topics, what they have already learnt in the previous class. CBSE board maintains well-evaluated syllabus for all classes. In this context, CBSE class 4 English syllabus is good to follow as it imparts requisite knowledge to students as per their standard. CBSE class 4 English sample papers, question papers are quite useful for students. These learning resources are also available online. Hence, students can collect and practice English sample papers in a sufficient manner to score well in exams.

CBSE Class 4 Maths

Math is a basic subject and therefore, this subject is included in each CBSE syllabus in a requisite manner. Several subject experts are associated with this board and they analyze current educational demands and based on that, they prepare suitable Math syllabus for each class. Additionally, they design specific question paper for each subject in each academic session as question papers cannot be repeated. Additionally, the board prepares sample papers for Maths and through these sample papers, students can not only brush up their knowledge, but also can improve their understanding before their final exams. Moreover, these all learning materials designed for CBSE iv class Maths are available online and therefore, students can take requisite learning help as per their requirements.

CBSE Class 4 Science

CBSE is an eminent educational board of India. The board measures students’ learning requirements and according to that, it designs each Science syllabus in a right manner. In that case, the CBSE board takes requisite help from the associated subject experts while designing syllabus and other learning resources. Additionally, it follows the CCE system to evaluate students’ learning difficulties in a proper way. Moreover, the board prepares its each syllabus, sample papers and question papers by following the CCE pattern and hence, all its learning resources are well-structured in all manners. CBSE class 4 Science syllabus and other learning documents are available online. Hence, students do not need to face any trouble in collecting these as per their requirements.

CBSE Class 4 Social Science

Social Science is a useful subject as through this subject, students can gain some worthwhile information about society and they can realize the relationship between society and individuals. Based on the importance of this subject, the CBSE board has included this subject in class 4 syllabus. All essential topics are incorporated in this syllabus by following a proper order so that students can learn this subject in a step-by-step way. Moreover, CBSE class 4 Social Science sample papers and question papers are also designed by maintaining a standard educational format and hence, these help students in learning this subject in all manners. Moreover, the CBSE board makes all learning resources available online for the convenience of students.

CBSE Class 4 Hindi

Hindi is extensively used in all over India and it is included in class 4 syllabus designed by the CBSE board. Based on the students’ standard and the current educational requirements, the board makes suitable Hindi syllabus for class 4. In this syllabus, all essential topics are included in a sequential manner. Besides this, the board also prepares CBSE class 4 Hindi sample papers, test papers, worksheets and other worthwhile learning materials so that students can get all kinds of learning assistances as per their requirements. Moreover, the board has adopted CCE pattern and based on that, it prepares sample papers, question papers and other learning resources for class 4 Hindi.  Therefore, these papers fulfill students’ learning needs thoroughly. Students should collect and practice all these useful learning resources to get desired score in exams.

CBSE class 4 Environmental Studies

Environmental studies is good to learn as some useful topics are included in this syllabus and it imparts adequate knowledge to students as per their standard. This subject is related to the environment and the right solutions of Environmental problems. Through this subject, students become aware about the policies which are applied for this purpose. Additionally, this subject makes students understand about the relationship between human and environment. All necessary topics are incorporated in this syllabus. Moreover, the board designs suitable sample papers, test papers and other useful study materials for CBSE class 4 Environmental Studies. Most importantly, these papers are available online and hence, students can collect these at their convenient time.