CBSE Subjects for Class 3


Over the years, the CBSE board is providing valuable education to students. The board has adopted several important measures to make learning comprehensible for students. For class 3, the board has designed curriculum for all subjects including English, Hindi, Science, Maths and Social Studies. It is ideal for students to acquire knowledge in each subject; therefore the board has included all important subjects in the curriculum of class 3. Keeping in mind the latest educational requirements of students, the board amends syllabus from time to time. Besides this, the board conducts periodic tests in order to determine students’ knowledge in each subject. To make learning interesting for students, the teachers provides assignments to students at regular intervals. Moreover, students are also being encouraged in group discussions. A revised syllabus of CBSE subjects for class 3 is available online; students can download it at their convenient time.

CBSE Class 3 English

English is an important subject and added as a language subject in class 3 curriculum. A good grounding in English subject will surely improve students reading, writing and learning skills. In grade 3, students learn several English words and their meanings. Students, who have good understanding of English words, can understand stories, chapters and poems easily. It is a creative language that helps students in expressing their thoughts precisely. Most of the story books and comics are also written in English language therefore it is ideal for students to learn this subject thoroughly. In class 3 English syllabus, every chapter is briefly explained along with marking scheme. Designed in accordance with the defined educational norms and standards, the CBSE class 3 English syllabus is available online for students. 

CBSE Class 3 Maths

Math is a valuable subject and required in daily life activities. In class 3, students are being taught basic mathematical operations that consist of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. By using simple mathematical operations, students can calculate math sums easily. Besides this, they can also learn numbers, fractions, geometry shapes and measurement of length, mass and capacity, etc. Students, who are pursuing class 3 education under the CBSE board can practice math sums by using sample question papers. They can start their studies a little early by referring to class 3 maths CBSE curriculum. By considering the learning ability of students, the board has designed an updated CBSE class 3 maths syllabus. Students can collect it online.

CBSE Class 3 Science

Science is a useful subject. The study of science gives in-depth knowledge to students about varied types of birds, animals and plants. Apart from this, students also learn topics like food & nutrition, transport, conservation of water, etc. With the support of subject experts, the CBSE board has prepared an updated syllabus for class 3. It gives thorough understanding to students about chapters along with their marking scheme that are prescribed by the board. By referring to a revised syllabus, students can learn science subject at their pace. With an objective to make students better in science subject, the schools affiliated to the CBSE board conducts periodic tests and gauges students knowledge at regular intervals. The CBSE class 3 science syllabus and sample question papers are available online for students.

CBSE Class 3 Social Studies

Social studies subject gives knowledge to students about society, people and their behavior. It is added as a compulsory subject in class 3 curriculum. The CBSE board has hired some experienced subject experts in order to design syllabus as per the learning needs of class 3 students. Revised social studies syllabus is designed in such a way that it gives detail knowledge about chapters that students are required to study in grade 3. The board amends syllabus from time to time so as to keep students abreast with current education requirements. Based on the CCE pattern, the CBSE class 3 social studies syllabus is a useful instructional guide. Students can download it online and can start their studies ahead of time.

CBSE Class 3 Hindi

Hindi is a language subject and included in class 3 syllabus with an objective to enhance students reading and writing skills. The study of Hindi subject not only strengthens grammar skills of students but also improves their writing skills up to a great extent. The basic sound, words and expressions of Hindi language are the key areas where students are required to focus. By acquiring a thorough knowledge of Hindi alphabets, vowels and consonants, students can write and read Hindi sentences appropriately. In class 3 Hindi curriculum, all chapters are precisely explained with marking scheme. Students can collect the revised CBSE class 3 Hindi syllabus online.