CBSE Subjects for Class 2


The CBSE board caters to the educational needs of students in the best possible manner. The board has included some important subjects in class 2 curriculum so that students gain enormous knowledge and grow academically. Keeping in mind the learning requirement of students, the academic expert carefully designs class 2 syllabi, textbooks and question papers for all subjects. Class 2 is an elementary level where students learn topics at their own pace. In order to make their learning interesting, the schools affiliated to CBSE board organize different kinds of classroom activities and also conduct oral and written tests in order to evaluate students’ knowledge. The board has designed syllabus for all subjects including English, Maths, Science, Social Science and Hindi. Students can start their studies by referring to updated syllabi of CBSE subjects for class 2, which are available online.  

CBSE Class 2 English

English is a mandatory subject for all grades as it has high importance in various coveted fields. It is considered as a medium of communication. Students, who are pursuing education under the CBSE board, are required to learn this subject thoroughly. English is related to all subjects as every concept of a particular subject is described through English language. The sole purpose of English subject is to improve students reading, writing and learning skills. Under the aegis of academic experts, the CBSE board has designed a comprehensive English curriculum for class 2. In a revised syllabus, every chapter is briefly explained. Besides this, marking scheme and number of periods are also mentioned. Students can use CBSE class 2 English syllabus, textbooks and question papers for their studies. It is available online for students. 

CBSE Class 2 Maths

Math is one of the intriguing subjects and included in the syllabus of class 2. The academic experts have designed a math syllabus keeping in mind the learning ability of students. In grade 2, students learn mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Along with this, they also understand to concepts of numbers, time & date, money, pattern, geometry shapes, lines, etc. In the revised syllabus, each and every chapter is concisely and clearly explained. Moreover, the board also provides important textbooks and sample question papers in order to make students efficient in math subject. Students can start their studies in an organized manner by referring to an updated syllabus of CBSE math for class 2. Further, they can also download useful question papers of CBSE class 2 maths.

CBSE Class 2 Science

Science is a meaningful subject that gives knowledge to students about the world. In class 2 science syllabus, students understand about various important things including good habits, food, clothing, shelter and also about plants, animals and their shelter. Besides this, they also gain knowledge about earth and sky, rocks and soil, etc. The main intention of revised science syllabus is to develop students’ basic knowledge. Class 2 syllabus is designed under the supervision of subject experts to maintain quality and accuracy. For students’ convenience, the CBSE board also provides science textbooks and sample question papers. Students can collect an updated CBSE class 2 science syllabus online.

CBSE Class 2 Social Science

Social Science is included in class 2 curriculum in order to give students a better understanding of the subject. It is a useful subject, which makes students understand about the important aspects of society. The syllabus for social science is designed keeping in mind the emerging educational requirements of students. In class 2 social science syllabus, every chapter is properly explained with marking scheme. Apart from this, the numbers of periods are also mentioned in the syllabus that helps teachers in strategizing their sessions appropriately. The study of social science gives all necessary information to students, which they are required to understand. Moreover, students can also get textbooks and sample question papers for CBSE class 2 social science subject online. 

CBSE Class 2 Hindi

Hindi is an imperative language subject that is included in the curriculum of class 2. Students get basic knowledge of Hindi alphabets in grade 2. In order to develop students reading, writing and learning skills, the board has selected important topics and incorporated in the Hindi textbook. Right from word pronunciation to basic grammar and vocabulary building, every topic is well explained to students so as to develop their language skills. Based on the CCE pattern, the board conducts periodic tests for students so as to evaluate their proficiency in Hindi subject. The 
CBSE class 2 Hindi syllabus is designed by subject experts after conducting rigorous research on students learning needs. An updated revised Hindi syllabus is available online for students.