CBSE Subjects for Class 12


The CBSE board makes every possible effort to provide students up-to-date knowledge on various subjects. Knowledge comes from proper education and the CBSE board imparts quality education to students. To improve students’ learning ability, the board designs syllabus concisely and also modifies it from time to time. Apart from this, the board also prepares various important sample papers so as to reduce students’ exam stress. In addition to this, the board also evaluates students’ academic performance stringently. With an objective to make students prepare for future challenges and higher level education, the board carefully designs syllabus for all subjects that are added in the class 12 educational program. Science, arts and commerce are the popular streams of the CBSE board. By using an updated syllabus and sample papers of all CBSE subjects for class 12, students can perform well in exams and can attain their academic objectives in an effective manner.

CBSE Class 12 Commerce Subjects

The CBSE class 12 commerce subjects include Economics, Business Studies, Maths, Accountancy and one language subject i.e. English. In commerce stream, students get complete knowledge on the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Apart from this, students gain knowledge on accountancy and various trade and business situations and activities. Students, who want to make career in business administration, banking or charted accountancy can take this subject seriously. The CBSE class 12 education helps students in understanding financial situations and also gives them knowledge about handling business deals with utmost perfection. The CBSE has prescribed important subjects of commerce in class 12. Students, who are pursuing education under this board, can collect several sample papers and syllabus for commerce subject online.

CBSE Class 12 Arts Subjects

The CBSE class 12 arts subjects is also an important stream. The subjects included in the arts streams are English, Political Science, History, Geography, Hindi, Math, etc. By conducting extensive research on the latest educational requirements of students, the board has designed syllabus as well as several important sample papers for class 12. Art is a creative subject that enables students to express their opinions and views freely. The CBSE board has taken various imperative steps to maintain the educational standard in the class 12 arts syllabus. Students can download the CBSE class 12 arts subjects sample papers and a revised syllabus online.

CBSE Class 12 Science Subjects

The CBSE class 12 science subjects incorporate Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and English as main subjects. To give students a thorough understanding of the science subject, the board has structured a comprehensive syllabus for class 12. The knowledge and skills, which students gain in class 12 helps them in the higher levels. Students, who wish to make a career in engineering, medical, environmental science, geology, bioinformatics and many other prestigious fields should practice this science subject thoroughly. By using a revised syllabus and sample question papers of all CBSE class 12 subjects, students can score well in exams and can attain new heights of success in their career.

CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Subjects

It is due to the advent of information technology, the CBSE board has added computer science as an important subject in class 12. Computer science is the most demanding stream among students. Keeping in mind the emerging requirements of students, the board has incorporated requisite topics in the syllabus. The study of computer science gives students knowledge about the computer applications that is required in various domains. Apart from this, students learn different computer languages. The academic experts have developed a computer science syllabus for class 12 in an understandable manner. In addition to this, various important sample papers of CBSE class 12 computer science subject is also designed for students so as to give them a useful learning.