CBSE Subjects for Class 11


 Education is the key to success and it is ideal for students to gain knowledge in every subject. With ample knowledge, students can achieve their career objectives in the best possible manner. The CBSE board selects the most informative contents for class 11 with an objective to give students in-depth knowledge on all subjects. With the help of experienced subject experts, the board selects contents, includes in the syllabus and makes necessary learning arrangements for students. Apart from designing syllabus, the board also prepares sample question for each subject. By practicing sample question papers, students can make their exam preparation better. The students, who are pursuing class 11 education can easily get an updated syllabus of science, art and commerce subjects. Apart from this, students can also collect useful sample papers of all CBSE subjects for class 11 online.

CBSE Subjects for Class 11 Science

The CBSE board emerged as a distinguished educational system. To maintain the educational standard, the board revises the syllabus from time to time. Right from selection of subject matter to including and implementing it in the classroom session, every task is efficiently carried out by the experienced instructors. Science is the most demanding subject and many students opt for science stream after the completion of class 10 education. By taking science stream in class 11, students get many career opportunities. In science stream, students get option to their preferred subject combination. The subjects for class 11 science are English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Physical Education, Economics, Painting subjects etc. Students can get updated syllabus for all CBSE subjects for Class 11 science online.

CBSE Subjects for Class 11 Arts

The CBSE board bestows meaningful learning to students with the assistance of academic experts. They do research for new and informative topics and incorporate it in the class 11 syllabus so that students develop familiarly with current educational demands. The CBSE board also prepares useful sample question papers for art subjects.  By solving class 11 sample papers, students understand the actual question pattern and marking scheme in a better manner. Art is an imperative subject and also creative in all aspects. The subjects in CBSE class 11 arts stream encourage students to express their thoughts and ideas concisely and clearly. Creativity, designing, interpretation, discussion is what arts stream offers in its varied range of subjects. English, Political Science, History, Economics, Geography, Maths, Psychology, Painting, Physical Education, Multimedia and many more subjects are included in the class 11 arts stream. Students can download an updated syllabus and sample papers of all CBSE subjects for Class 11 arts online.

CBSE Subjects for Class 11 Commerce

The CBSE board has etched an indelible position owning to its well-revised educational programs. It aims to give valuable learning to students so that they can attain zenith of success in their academic career. After class 10 exams, students get options to select an ideal stream out of three different streams including science, arts and commerce. Apart from science and arts stream, many students opt for commerce as a suitable career option. Commerce is a popular subject among students especially for those, who wants to pursue career in banking, trade and business domains. The CBSE commerce subjects class 11 are English, Maths, Business Studies, Accounts, Economics, Multimedia, Psychology, Painting, Physical Education, etc. Students can easily collect well-evaluated syllabus and sample papers of the CBSE subjects for Class 11 commerce online.