CBSE Subjects for Class 10


The CBSE board gives meaningful education to the children of our society. The board aims at connecting knowledge to life activities and giving a more meaningful or rewarding curriculum beyond textbooks. The subjects are being discussed based on fundamental approaches. Topics  covered in the subjects are integrated with value systems. Complete guidelines are provided in all the subjects with supporting academic materials, assessments, question banks and solved papers. Subjects for class 10 provided by the board are more effective and help assimilate knowledge in students  when they enter  a  higher level of education.

CBSE Class 10 English

English is being made as a compulsory subject for students of the board from lower level to a higher level of education stream. Softening the subject boundaries and integrating knowledge and joy of learning are brought together in the subject of English for class 10.The subjects are not examination oriented in their nature. On the other hand , they help the learner in the total development of him/her personality and thus help in becoming a   healthy member of society. The subject is made easier for each and every individual student through an activity or an interesting story.

CBSE Class 10 Maths

Mathematics is very essential  and a fundamental subject for study of various subjects, and in real life. High weightage or importance is given towards class 10 maths subject by the board. Various illustrations, concepts and research and analysis are carried out on maths papers by the board members.
The topics are brought out in a simple, easy, and understandable fashion based on the intelligence of the student. Different approaches towards maths are being carried out that involves students thinking probability ideas, practice with an exercise like puzzles, open tests, quizzes, etc. Students  are requested to make use of the materials, books, sample papers and solved booklets which are published by different sources.

CBSE Class 10 Science

The subject science helps study phenomena by connecting knowledge to life activities. To understand the subject in depth for a student's level  the science subject is divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology for higher levels of education from the board. A wide range of experiments, examples,historical evolution theory and supporting reports/books is given on both living and non living creatures. Consistent  approach and curiosity of individual student towards the science subject allows them to choose a particular stream in their higher education level for their career courses. Practically and theoretical .Students are exposed to study of science under an effective teacher.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science

The science of understanding people‚Äôs needs and their unique relationship to art, literature,  history, music, work, philosophy, community, technology and psychology  are explained in an understandable manner in the book form in class 10. Fundamental differences between the sciences of nature and the sciences of human action and interaction are understandable. The social  facts are brought out in a systematic study of human affairs where understanding the intentions, meanings, and self-understanding of the ideas are to be imbibed into students. Study of subjects includes  understanding of current affairs and to make sense of the actions and expressions of the people involved.

CBSE Class 10 Hindi

For better understanding of religion and culture the board has made Hindi as a compulsory subject for all the students of different education levels and to maintain their culture and in keeping the language alive. Routine update is made in syllabus for better understanding of the syllabus . Making examination comprehensive with regular evaluation tests conducted in class is now the norm. The subject is made interesting by providing sufficient lecture materials by experienced teachers and integrating it with classroom experience. The board has made subjects easier by providing supporting solved  papers,question banks and papers on grammar.