CBSE Subjects for Class 1


The CBSE board has conceptualized and designed a comprehensive syllabus for class 1. In order to develop students’ awareness on different subjects and their usefulness in the higher level, the board has included English, Hindi, Maths and Science subjects in class 1 curriculum. It is important to engage students in varied hand-on activities so as to enhance their overall skills and knowledge. Hence, the board has incorporated some valuable classroom activities in the syllabus, which will make students learning interesting and also help them to express their views freely. The schools affiliated to the CBSE board strive to improve students reading, writing and learning skills through well-structured syllabus and streamlined teaching methodologies. The board also evaluates students’ knowledge and their learning problems through periodic tests. Students can collect and refer to updated syllabi of all CBSE subjects for class 1 online.

CBSE Class 1 English

English is a highly demanding subject and needed in prominent fields. A good command of English language helps students in learning things faster. It has been observed that most of the instructions are written in English language and also it is widely used for communication purpose. Besides this, the contents of many subject based textbooks are also written in English language. In class1curriculum, English is included as a language subject. By using an updated CBSE syllabus and English textbook, students can improve their grammar skills and can learn various words and sentences. In CBSE course for class 1, all the topics are incorporated as per the learning needs of students. Moreover, the marking scheme and number of periods are also mentioned in the revised curriculum. The CBSE class 1 English syllabus and sample question papers are available online for students.

CBSE Class 1 Hindi

Hindi is included as a language subject in the CBSE course for class 1. In order to give in-depth understanding to students about Hindi language, the board has conceptualized, designed and included various important topics in class 1 syllabus. Through an updated syllabus, students will learn basic alphabets, vowels, consonants and also develop understanding of noun, verb, adjectives, prepositions, etc. By using alphabets, students will read, write and understand Hindi sentences appropriately. In class 1 Hindi curriculum, every chapter is briefly explained along with the marking schemes. Apart from this, some interesting classroom activities are also mentioned in the syllabus so as to engage students in learning for a longer time period. Students can collect the CBSE class 1 Hindi sample papers and question papers online. 

CBSE Class 1 Maths

Math learning is sometimes difficult and sometimes fun. In grade 1, students learn basic maths including numbers, shapes, addition, subtraction, time, measurement, etc. Math subject is entirely related to thinking and reasoning. Study of mathematics improves students reasoning skills. Math syllabus for grade 1 is designed by subject experts after conducting extensive research on learning capabilities of students. All chapters are thoroughly searched before incorporating in the class 1 curriculum. In CBSE course for class 1, every chapter is well explained with some illustrations in order to make math learning interesting for students. By using an updated CBSE Class 1 Maths syllabus, students can start their studies in an organized manner. Students can get updated math syllabus and sample question papers online. 

CBSE Class 1 Science

The study of science provides knowledge to students about living and non-living things. Along with this, students also get knowledge about various types of plants, birds and animals. The board has designed science CBSE course for class 1 with the support of academic experts. All the chapters of science subject are carefully included in class 1 curriculum and keeping in mind the learning needs of students. In grade 1, students learn subject at their own pace and develop interest in studies by looking at colorful illustrations and images. Hence, science chapters are well explained with interesting images and illustrations so as to make students learning better. Moreover, in class 1 syllabus, marking distribution pattern and number of periods are also mentioned for teachers understanding. The CBSE class 1 science curriculum and sample question papers are available online for students.