CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 Science


Empowering students with valuable knowledge is the first and foremost objective of the CBSE board. The board offers highly important study materials to students. Each and every study material is designed keeping in mind the mental ability and learning requirements of students. In order to ensure that all students acquire adequate knowledge, the board conducts weekly and monthly assessments. Science is an imperative subject, which needs to be studied by students thoroughly. It is categorized into biology, chemistry and physics subjects. It is a proven fact that students, who obtain knowledge in class 9 can easily, understand class 10 course. Class 9 education forms a base for class 10, which is an important phase of students’ academic career. The board has structured a well-evaluated class 9 science syllabus. Students can start their studies ahead of time by using updated CBSE syllabus for class 9 science. Apart from this, they can also understand the marking scheme that is suggested for each topic. A revised science syllabus for class 9 is available online, student can easily download it. 

CBSE class 9 science syllabus 2014

Syllabus is a well-written study material that guides students throughout the academic year. By following a well-prepared course material, students can learn any subject in a step-by-step manner. Moreover, syllabus not only consists of the topics and sub-topics, but also contains the relevant information and guidelines that assist students to complete the entire study modules within a stipulated time. CBSE board is a prominent educational board and its educational pattern is well-appreciated due to its constructive curriculum and study materials. Most importantly, the board evaluates the current educational scenario, and accordingly, it makes requisite changes in each learning document. Additionally, the board makes its updated course of study available online so that students can collect and follow this conveniently. Science is an important subject and it covers the topics of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Moreover, students, who are preparing for their class 9 final exam, should follow the program of study designed for 2014 in a thorough manner.

CBSE Science Syllabus for Class 9 2013

The CBSE science syllabus for class 9 2013 is prepared under the guidance of academic experts. It is designed to give students a firsthand idea about the entire course structure. By referring to an updated science syllabus, students can easily make out, which topic is more important. In the syllabus, every topic is mentioned with marking scheme and number of periods, which helps students during examination time. Science is a compulsory subject for class 9 students. The study of science gives valuable knowledge to students about living beings, cell, tissues, motion, force and Newton’s law, environments, etc. Students can refer to updated CBSE syllabus for class 9 science 2012-13 and start their studies in an organized manner.

CBSE Science Syllabus for Class 9 2012

Science is a meaningful subject that gives requisite information about health & diseases, animal cell, plant cell, gravitational force, structure of atom, nature and behavior of matter, Newton’s laws, etc. Students can refer to CBSE science syllabus for class 9 2012 in order to understand the topics, which are included in the course. The board has designed a curriculum for class 9 in such a manner that it helps students in understanding the value of each topic. By looking at the marking distribution pattern, students can easily make out which topic they need to focus more during examination time. Students can collect a revised CBSE syllabus for class 9th science 2012 online.

Science Syllabus for Class 9 CBSE 2011

Syllabus of science for class 9 CBSE is a great instructional guide as it directs students to initiate their studies in a streamlined manner. It gives in-depth knowledge to students about the topics that are included by the board after conducting extensive research on current education requirements. Apart from this, by using updated curriculum students can also understand the marking distribution pattern, which is suggested by the board. Science is an essential subject that gives detail understanding to students about scientific concepts and principles, which are related to nature and its surroundings. Students, who are pursuing education under the CBSE board can download science syllabus for class 9 CBSE 2011 online and can start their studies before the beginning of session.