CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 Science


CBSE has been maintaining a trustworthy learning platform for students since its inception. The board conceptualizes the students’ overall learning necessaries and based on that, it prepares each of its syllabi in a right manner. Hence, students, who are pursuing their studies under this eminent educational board, get requisite learning help from each syllabus. Additionally, the board designs other relevant study materials including sample papers and question papers based on the updated syllabus of each subject. Most importantly, the board takes requisite measures to ensure a robust and balanced academic structure for all students so that they get proper guidance in all manners. Additionally, the board implements some useful academic activities to make students stress free and enthusiast.  

Each CBSE syllabus is designed by keeping in mind the students’ learning needs and global trends. Therefore, CBSE syllabus is specified as a student centred learning material and it meets students’ learning requirements in a thorough manner.  In short, CBSE syllabus is well-prepared and it makes students capable to meet all kinds of job-oriented needs. One of the important features of this board is that it makes required changes in each syllabus at regular intervals. CBSE syllabus for class 10 Science is a well-evaluated syllabus and it comprises all relevant topics in a sequential manner. Hence, students are advised to follow this syllabus starting from their academic session.  Additionally, through this syllabus, students become familiar with the evaluation scheme, topics and sub-topics that they need to be covered before their final exam. Moreover, syllabus of science for class 10th CBSE is available online.

CBSE Science Syllabus for Class 10 2015

The CBSE board is highly acknowledged for its well-revised educational materials and continuous comprehensive evaluation process. With the collaborative effort of academic experts, the board has designed an updated science curriculum of class 10. Students can use it as an instructional guide and can understand the topics included in science subject. Along with this, they can also get a fair idea about the marking distribution pattern prescribed by the board.  Class 10 is the most crucial stage for any student as its result is required in many coveted fields. The board has also included number of periods in the curriculum. It will help teachers in streamlining their sessions appropriately and timely. Students can collect revised CBSE class x science syllabus 2015 online.

Science Syllabus for Class 10 CBSE 2014

Science is an important as well as a meaningful subject as it provides deeper understanding to students about climate, weather, environment, earth, universe, medicines, food, technology and many more. The board has included this subject in class 10. The study of science gives enormous rewarding career opportunities to students. After class 10th education, students can pursue higher studies in engineering, medicine, biotechnology, information technology, etc. Class 10th science syllabus is coherently designed by the subject experts. Students can easily plan out their study schedule by using a revised CBSE science curriculum. They can even understand the marking scheme that is suggested by the board for each topic. 2014 science curriculum is available online for students.

CBSE Class 10 Syllabus of Science 2013

Syllabus is a well-planned learning material, which shows students the right way to learn any subject as per their standard. Syllabus is generally designed by the concerned department of the educational board or Institute to guide students by providing important information in each topic. A well-prepared syllabus not only contains the objective of the course, but also provides information about the course schedule, relevant activities including assignments, projects and others. CBSE Science syllabi are quite useful for students as each of the syllabi is prepared in a comprehensive manner so that students feel convenient to follow this. CBSE class 10 syllabus of Science 2013 is an updated syllabus and students can collect this syllabus online.

Syllabus of Science Class 10 CBSE 2012

Syllabus is an organized learning resource through which students can learn any subject or course in a step-by-step manner. Syllabus is the first step through which students become familiar with the subject. CBSE syllabi are well-structured and apart from the topics and sub-topics, each CBSE syllabus provides some relevant information including the evaluation system, the expected outcomes of each subject or course, list of reference books and others. Additionally, it is proved that each CBSE syllabus meets students’ learning requirements in a detailed manner. In short, CBSE syllabus is comprehensive and constructive. Syllabus of Science class 10 CBSE 2012 is quite worthwhile for students as it is designed under the supervision of proficient subject experts. Moreover, students can collect this syllabus online.

Science Syllabus for Class 10 CBSE 2011

Syllabus serves many purposes as it includes topics, sub-topics, the objective of the course or subject, evaluation scheme, course expectations and relevant activities like assignments, projects and others. Syllabus is used by both teachers and students and it is useful for both, as well. It shows the right way to teachers to complete the prescribed topics and sub-topics in a stipulated time frame whereas it guides students while completing each chapter in a right manner. A well-prepared syllabus contains course description, course materials, evaluation and grading system, course requirements and a bibliography. In this context, CBSE syllabi are worthwhile for students as these syllabi also contain several useful information which make students more familiar with the subject. Science syllabus for class 10 CBSE 2011 is worthwhile and hence, students are advised to follow this syllabus stringently.