CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Political Science


Political Science is concerned with nation, government, policies of government, laws and many others. This subject teaches us many important things including political theory, public administration, comparative policies, international relations, laws and others. In short, this subject gives us information about the past situation and current scenario of different places and the political views of different people. 

The CBSE board not only offers a well-evaluated syllabus for Political Science, but also designs sample papers to give students thorough understanding about this subject. These sample papers are referred as a worthwhile study material that allows students to detect their problem areas beforehand. Thus, they become aware about their errors and rectify these. Through these papers, students can measure their preparation level and improve some specific areas that lead them to achieve their desired marks in exams. Moreover, they can check their pace in terms of solving questions and according to that, they can improve their time management skill. Moreover, by using these papers, students can get to know the way to write answers for different types of questions. They can customize their writing style and enhance their skills in all manners. CBSE sample papers for class 12 Political Science are available in the attached sheet. Students need to scroll down the sheet to get the requisite information.