CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 English


English is a basic subject and students need to know this subject thoroughly as it is widely used in many sectors. It is the most used language through which students can communicate with others globally. The CBSE board designs each English syllabus in a proper manner so that students can learn this subject in a step-by-step order. The entire syllabus designed for class 12 is divided into different sections to enhance students’ reading, writing and comprehension skill. Moreover, the syllabus imparts proper grammatical knowledge, as well. A well-structured syllabus is not enough to impart meticulous knowledge to students. Hence, the board has prepared various sample papers for English and has also made them available online for the usefulness of students. As we all know, sample papers play an important role in revising syllabus. Therefore, students are advised to practice sample papers on a regular basis. By using these papers, they can improve their writing style and also can understand the way to write answers for different types of questions. CBSE sample papers for class 12 English are available online.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 2014 English

Sample papers are useful for students as by following these sample papers, students can gauge their understanding in each subject before the exams. Additionally, students can use these papers to enhance their skills in terms of solving questions. Moreover, using sample papers makes students capable to detect their weak areas beforehand. Consequently, they can take the right measures to rectify those problem areas before the tests. Most of the students suffer from exam stress and it badly affects students’ performance in exams. Therefore, students are advised to practice sample papers rigorously to avoid this stress. The CBSE board prepares suitable and methodical sample papers for class 12 students.  English is an important subject and CBSE sample papers for class 12 2014 English are quite worthwhile for students. These papers cover the entire syllabus in a requisite manner and therefore, students get clear idea by solving these sample papers.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 2013 English

The CBSE board is known for its syllabi, which are designed based on the current research and hence, its each syllabus meets students’ learning needs thoroughly. CBSE English syllabus is a useful guide for students as well as teachers. By following this, teachers can impart thorough knowledge to students in a stipulated time frame. Keeping in mind the students’ requirements, the board modifies each English syllabus from time to time. Additionally, the board prepares helpful sample papers for students and students are also advised to use these to get better understanding about the current question pattern and marking distribution system. In short, sample papers enable students to gauge their own expertise before exams. Sample papers give a glimpse of the original question papers and therefore, students get benefited in all manners. By using these papers amply, students can revise the entire syllabus in a smart way. CBSE sample paper for class 12, 2013 English is available in the attached sheet.

CBSE Sample Papers 2012 for Class 12 English

CBSE sample paper is the key to achieve success in exams. By using this paper, students can improve their skills as well as brush up their knowledge before final exams. Therefore, students are encouraged to practice these sample papers in a sufficient manner. Keeping in mind, students’ requirements, the board designs syllabus and consequently, it provides sample papers that make students prepared for exams. By using this paper, students can assess their knowledge and also rectify their faults beforehand. Most importantly, solving sample papers help students in reducing their exam anxiety.  CBSE sample paper 2012 for class 12 English is an ideal study material to follow. Students can find out this sample paper in the attached sheet.

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 12 English 2011

Examination stress is something that every student experiences in his/her life and due to this stress, students often get poor results. In brief, exam stress hampers students’ performance in tests and therefore, academic experts suggest students to reduce this stress by practicing sample papers adequately.  Sample papers are a great learning resource through which students can improve their expertise and skills in a short span of time. They can get to know the marking scheme as well as the question pattern. By using sample papers, students can determine their positive and negative points and consequently, they can work on their weak areas before final exams. CBSE sample paper for class 12 English 2011 is attached here for the convenience of students.