CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Maths


Mathematics is a subject that is filled with numbers and requires a students’ undivided attention while learning the same. One of the other features of this subject is that it requires constant practice for one to engrave the concepts in their mind. This constant practice can be aided by reviewing the previous year’s question papers and sample papers that are available to students. Not only will this review help in building one’s confidence, but also helps ease the stress that is associated when the student enters a new study stream.

CBSE Sample Papers For Class 11 Maths 2015

Mathematics for class 11 is a transition from the basic concepts to advanced level. Students are introduced to various new concepts, only a part of which they learn about in their school. With advanced concepts to learn and practice required at all times to engrave these concepts, students are often on the lookout for supplementary material. CBSE sample papers for class 11 maths 2015 gives students a peek into the pattern of the question papers and also helps them revise the concepts learnt in the classroom. The more the student revises; the better will be the confidence level that is important while attempting an exam.

CBSE Sample Papers Class 11 Maths 2014

Mathematics is a subject of numbers and the best way to have a thorough understanding of the concepts is by constant practice and revision. Students find themselves stressed out with the very thought of exams due to constant change in the syllabus and exam pattern. This can be resolved by reviewing the cbse sample papers for class 11, maths 2014 that is designed by the board and shared with students before the exams. The sample papers also give students a chance to understand the pattern of the question paper and test their understanding of the concepts learnt in the classroom.

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11th Maths 2013

There are many supplementary learning materials that are available for students when they have to prepare for the exams. Of the many, sample papers are one such learning material that helps the students in many ways, such as – easing their tension towards exams, understanding the pattern of the question paper, revaluating their assimilated knowledge and also identify the best possible method to answer a question. Cbse sample papers for class 11th maths 2013 is just a reference material that students can use to prep for the exams.