CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Geography


Geography is a popular branch of arts stream that develops students’ knowledge in understanding the demographic location of several countries and states. It also teaches them map study. For instance, students get the task of identifying different mountains, rivers and deserts on a map in their classroom sessions. It is a vital branch of social science stream and extensively required in various areas like environmental science, satellite technology, meteorology departments, disaster management, cartography, etc. The CBSE board has done rigorous research and added important chapters in the class 11 geography syllabus. The students, who are preparing for the geography exam, should revise each chapter through textbooks and classroom notes. Later, they can evaluate their preparation level through mock papers and old papers. Using these papers on a regular basis will help students in identifying the areas that are difficult and repeatedly asked in previous exams. Through guess papers, students can also underline map-based question. They can prepare these questions rigorously and can score well in the final exam. Students can collect essential class 11 geography sample papers online and can revise subject conveniently.  

CBSE Class 11 Geography Sample Paper for 2015

Geography is described as the science of the earth. The study of geography enhances students’ knowledge with regards to understanding the location and distribution of cultural and physical features. The board is offering this subject under the art stream. The students, who are pursuing education under the CBSE board, can collect several guess papers and past year question papers and can revise subject comfortably. These papers are distributed to students to make their revision stress free. By referring to these papers, they can find out all possible and probable questions that might come in the upcoming exam. 2015 geography sample papers are available online for class 11 students. These are ideal revision materials that will make students familiar with the latest test paper format.

CBSE Geography Sample Paper 2014 for Class 11

The CBSE board has carved a niche in the education field due to its well-structured learning module and unique teaching methodology. Keeping in mind the emerging educational requirements of students, the board has prepared a syllabus for class 11 students in a comprehensive manner. By using an updated curriculum, students are encouraged to participate in classroom learning. The instructor also provides them an opportunity to express their opinion on a particular topic. During exam time, mock question papers and old test papers are distributed to students. These test preparation materials give students an experience of real exam and also develop their time management skills. With regular practice of CBSE sample papers, students will get a basic idea about attempting questions within in the stipulated time frame. 

2013 CBSE Class XI Geography Sample Paper

Geography is one of the most demanding subjects and most students of arts and science background pursue their higher studies in this subject. A sound knowledge of the geography subject paves the way for several career opportunities. A student with geography background can apply for many reputed jobs in the government sector including disaster management department, media agencies, planning and development commission, etc. The board has designed different types of sample papers for geography subject. Each guess paper contains important questions that help students in preparing subject thoroughly. In addition this, students’ can also use mock papers to understand the real test paper pattern and marking division pattern. Class XI geography sample paper for 2013 year is available online for students.