CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Computer Science


Sample papers are one of the preparatory materials for exams that a student benefits from. There are many sample papers available in the market and reviewing them will only help the student strengthen their concepts. The board of education also designs sample papers that offer a peek into the pattern of the question paper that a student will face in the upcoming exams. The cbse sample papers for class 11 computer science is designed keeping in mind the fact that class 11 is a new year and students are just introduced to the various subjects and need help in identifying with the question paper.

CBSE Sample Paper for Class 11 Computer Science 2015

Computer science is a subject that brings new technologies and basic concepts together under one roof. Students are often seen exploring more about the latest technologies that are doing rounds and trying to collect as much information as possible. With lots of development happening every single day, the board also tries to incorporate these new changes in the syllabus by changing them from time to time. The board also makes effort to make exam time more relaxed and content oriented, rather than encouraging rote learning in students. In this effort, they release sample papers to ease a student’s stress. The cbse sample paper for class 11 computer science 2015 will be released very shortly by the board to help you understand the pattern of the question in a better way.

CBSE Class 11 Computer Science Sample Papers 2014

Class 11 is the first year in a student’s life that is filled with excitement and fear at the same time. Students are introduced to various new subjects based on their choice of subject stream. Computer science is a subject in the science stream. Students are introduced to various concepts that have always caught a student’s imagination. The board of education constantly changes the syllabus to fit in new technologies that have caught up, to make students’ learning industry centric. To help students prepare better for the exams, they also give away sample papers that help them ease their stress. The cbse class 11 computer science sample papers 2014 gives a peek into the pattern of the question paper and the methodology in which questions are asked. Students can review them to help them with their exam prep.

Computer Science Sample Papers Class 11 CBSE 2013

Computer science is a new field of study that witnesses many new changes every day. However, students have to master the basics to be able to grasp the technological advancements in a better way. The board of education tries to keep up with the technological advancements and incorporate the same in the class 11 syllabus. The testing pattern also is changed to test a student’s understanding in a better way. Computer science sample papers class 11 cbse 2013 acts as a guide to students who are preparing for the upcoming exams. The sample papers give students a peek into the pattern of the question paper and also understand the best answering method to score better.