CBSE Sample Papers for Class 11 Commerce


Commerce is the most preferred stream. By taking commerce in the higher secondary level, students can prepare themselves for popular careers like CA, CS, Financial analyst, etc. The students who have a penchant towards management, accounts, planning, law and other well-known areas, should obtain thorough knowledge of the subjects offered under commerce stream. The board offers various interesting subjects including Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics and Math under the commerce stream.  Through rigorous assessment process, the board evaluates students learning abilities in a particular subject. Based on their correct questions, students are being promoted to the next level by the examiner. Besides, the board also prepares model test papers for class 11 students. These papers are one of the essential test preparation materials. By solving these papers, students can develop time management skills and can complete their answer-sheet on time. Further, these papers are also useful to understand an updated test paper pattern of the CBSE board. Students can collect different model test papers for commerce subject online.  The students, who practice a subject through guess papers and old papers generally, get better marks in the exam. Hence, it is always beneficial to practice mock papers.  

CBSE 2015 Class 11 Commerce Sample Paper

The students who wish to make a career in business management, charted accountancy or company secretary, should learn every subject of commerce stream with utmost sincerity. The board conducts exams at regular intervals for class 11 students so that they learn, understand and memorize every subject in an appropriate manner. Apart from this, the board also distributes some essential sample papers to students. These papers contain important questions that are well-researched by the subject expert. By preparing essential questions, students can revise important topics quickly and can perform well in the main exam. 2014 CBSE commerce sample paper for class 11 is available online for students. They can collect it conveniently. 

CBSE Commerce Class XI Sample Paper for 2014

The students with commerce background can opt for numerous lucrative career options. The board offers some selected subjects under this stream such as Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Math and English. To prepare each subject for the main exam, students get essential sample papers and past year question papers. These papers contain several important questions that are already asked in previous some exams. Students should practice these papers regularly to conquer their exam anxiety. These test preparation materials are ideal for students to revise the topics that they had prepared earlier. Using these papers a day before the exam is also helpful in many ways. It will make students familiar with test paper format. Additionally, students will also get a clear idea that how much information they had retained in their mind for the main exam. 

CBSE Commerce Class 11 Sample Paper for 2013

The academic progress of each student is measured through exams. To assist students in their exam preparation, the board provides many model test papers and board certified old papers to students. These papers are given to them so that they practice every subject properly. Using these papers on a regular basis will give students a better idea about the most likely questions that are frequently asked in past exams and are expected to come in the forthcoming test. In addition to this, class 11 CBSE commerce sample papers are ideal for students to understand the latest format of a real exam. Students can collect 2012 class 11 commerce guess papers online.