CBSE English Sample Papers for Class 2


With an objective to instill reading, writing and learning skills in students, the CBSE board has incorporated English subject in grade 2.  In elementary level, students are being taught each chapter with exciting illustrations and colorful pictures. Besides this, students also learn different word meanings. The CBSE board provides useful study materials to students and also gauge their academic performance through monthly and yearly exams. Moreover, the board also offers few sample question papers, which are designed by academic experts by considering the learning requirements of students. With the help of these sample papers, students can revise and prepare for exams in an effective manner. By using CBSE English sample paper class 2, students get idea about the format of questions, which are prescribed by the board in accordance with psychological ability of students. CBSE sample question papers are available online, students can download these conveniently.

English Sample Papers for Class 2 CBSE 2015

English is certainly an inspiring subject that encourages an individual to express his or her thoughts and ideas in a creative manner. To improve students’ proficiency in language subject, the board has added English as a compulsory subject in grade 2. The study of English not only enhances students reading, writing and learning skills but also allow them to convey their experience, thoughts, feelings either in a poetry form or in a story form. The CBSE board has designed important sample question papers for students. By practicing sample papers for class 2 CBSE English, students can understand the entire test paper pattern thoroughly. Students can download English sample papers for class 2 CBSE 2015 online and can revise each chapter efficiently.  

Sample Papers Class 2 CBSE English 2014

English is a language subject, which is largely used in many countries for communication purpose. In order to improve students’ English reading and writing skills, the board has added important topics in class 2 curriculum. It has been observed that elementary level students prefer to learn subject in an interesting manner. Hence, in grade 2, the board has included every chapter with colorful illustrations and pictures so as to make students learning intriguing. The CBSE board also offers some important sample question papers to students. With the help of sample papers for class 2 CBSE English, students can make their exam preparation effective. Sample papers class 2 CBSE English 2014 are available online for students. 

CBSE Class II English Sample Papers 2013

Needless to say, textbooks are major source of information but sample papers play a vital role in making students fearless during examination time. It gives in-depth understanding to students about all possible and probable questions that are generally asked in the exams. Besides this, students also develop familiarity with marking scheme that is prescribed by the board. In grade 2, English subject is included with an objective to develop students reading, writing and learning skills. In order to give a memorable learning experience to students, the board has selected and included important moral based stories and poems in class 2 syllabus. Students can use sample papers for class 2 CBSE English during examination time and can stay ahead of their peers. CBSE class ii English sample papers 2013 are available online, students can collect it easily.