CBSE Result 2014


Result is a valuable document for students as it represents their academic performance. Students get their results based on the performance in exams. The concerned educational boards evaluate students’ understanding, skills through suitable question papers and consequently, they release results. However, result is important in all manners as based on this document, students get admission in their higher studies. However, CBSE examination system is praiseworthy as the board offers well-structured test papers and most importantly, it maintains a standard marking system. Additionally, the board adopts suitable measures from time to time to give students a stress free and holistic learning platform in all respects.

CBSE board not only conducts exams, but also releases results. The exam structure of the CBSE board is praiseworthy. The board modifies each syllabus from time to time and based on each updated syllabus, it designs question papers and conducts examinations. Consequently, it declares results within a stipulated time. Class 10 and 12 exams are two important examinations of the CBSE board. However, the board has declared the expected dates for class 10 and 12 CBSE results 2014.

CBSE 10th Results 2014

CBSE board successfully conducts class 10th examination every year. The board designs relevant question papers for this exam and based on these test papers, it assesses students’ academic performance and releases results. The expected date for CBSE result 10th, 2014 is declared. The expected date is 25th May, 2014. It may be extended.  However, students can check their results in the official website of the CBSE board. Additionally, they can use telephone or SMS service to know their results on the same day.

CBSE Class 12 Results 2014

CBSE is a prestigious educational board and it not only regulates examinations for different classes, but also evaluates students’ academic performance through tests. Consequently, it declares the result for each exam. It has been observed the results of class 10th and 12th are usually released in the 2ndor 3rd week of May. Sometimes, it is published in the last week of May. However, the result of school based as well as board based exams are released together. The board declares the result in its official website. However, class 12 exam matters a lot for students as based on the result of class 12 exam, students can plan their higher studies. The board has declared that CBSE result class 12, 2014 would be released on 23rd May, 2014. Telephone or SMS service will be activated though which students can get their results on the same day.