Maths Question Paper for Class 2 CBSE


Math knowledge paves way for prestigious career options. Hence, it is important to learn math in early age as it builds strong foundation for higher level. In grade 2, students learn simple mathematics concepts including number system, time, money, addition, subtraction, etc. The CBSE board offers updated math study materials to students so as to develop their reasoning and logical skills. Besides this, the board also designs question papers with an objective to evaluate students’ academic performance. The CBSE board has included math topics in class 2 with some interesting images and illustrations in order to make students’ math learning exciting. Students can practice past year math question paper on a regular basis and enhance their math skills up to a great extent. Maths question paper for class 2 CBSE is available online; students can collect it for their exam preparation. With the help of past year question paper, students can understand the actual test paper pattern in a detail manner.

CBSE 2nd Standard Maths Question Papers 2013

Math is undoubtedly the most valuable subject. It develops students’ basic math knowledge such as addition and subtraction, less than and greater than signs, time, money, geometrical shapes and pattern, etc. To make math learning interesting for students, the board has included every topic with pictures and images. Apart from this, the board has also prepared question papers in the same format. In CBSE ii math question paper, most of the questions come with images of fruits, candies, which help students in counting, adding and subtracting numbers quickly. Students can use past year CBSE maths question papers on a regular basis and can prepare well for exams. CBSE 2nd standard Maths question papers 2013 are available online, students can use it and score well in exams.

CBSE Class 2 Maths Question Papers 2012

Math is imperative in all aspects. It is ideal for grade 2 students to acquire basic math skills. The CBSE board has done extensive research and selected topics as per the learning ability of grade 2 students. In classroom session, students learn to count numbers forwards and backwards. It is extremely important for students to understand the number concept as it helps them in understanding the higher level mathematics. Students can use and solve CBSE ii standard math question paper and can improve their basic mathematical skills. Besides this, they can also understand the actual test paper pattern and marking scheme. Students can download CBSE Class 2 Maths question papers 2012 online. 

CBSE Maths Question Papers for Class 2 2011

Math is highly demanding subject. It makes students efficient in understanding the matters related to money. In elementary level, students learn number systems, addition, subtraction, measurement and other mathematical concepts in an interesting manner. Students learn counting through pictures and images, which enables them to relate math concepts with the real world. The CBSE board conducts exams for class 2 students and determines their learning difficulties. Students can use CBSE ii standard math question paper so as to improve their math knowledge. Along with this, they can also develop a good pace at attempting questions. Students can collect CBSE maths question papers for class 2 2011 online and can revise each math topic thoroughly.