CBSE Social Science Question Paper Class 8


Social Science is related to our society and the people of our society. This subject gives us knowledge about our culture, history, economic status, demographic features and others. This is a vast discipline and economics, political science, history, geography all come under this subject. In a broader sense, area studies, psychology, sociology, archaeology, cultural studies, law and many others are included in this stream. 

Keeping in mind its significance and students’ learning requirements, the CBSE board has included this subject in the syllabus designed for different classes. CBSE Social Science syllabus for class 8 is constituted by including all important topics in a proper order. Additionally, CBSE Social Science question paper class 8 represents a praiseworthy educational standard of the concerned board. This question paper contains both objective and subjective types of questions and therefore, it evaluates students’ understanding thoroughly. Moreover, the CBSE Social Science question paper class 8 is available in the attached sheet.