CBSE Question Papers for Class 8 English


English is an important subject and it is included in the syllabus designed for class 12 in the CBSE board. The board evaluates students’ demands and based on that, it prepares each syllabus and consequently, it designs appropriate question papers for this subject. Thus, students’ knowledge is judged thoroughly at the end of each academic session. CBSE question papers for different subjects are available online class-wise. Hence, students can easily get these as per their requirements. CBSE question papers for class 8 English is ideally designed by incorporating different types of questions that easily measure students’ understanding. Both objective and subjective types of questions are included in the question paper. Additionally, the guidelines are also clearly mentioned at the starting of each question. Through these guidelines, students can get to know the proper way to write answers of different questions. The entire question paper is divided into different sections and each section assesses students’ each skill including reading, writing, literature and grammatical skill. The requisite marks are also allotted for each question. Moreover, CBSE Question Papers for Class 8 English is available in the attached sheet.