CBSE Question Papers for Class 1 Science


The CBSE board has made strenuous efforts to make education accessible and understandable for students. For elementary level, the board has done thorough research as per the psychological requirements and mental ability of students. The CBSE board designs question papers for class 1 with the help of subject experts, who are well acquainted with the current educational demand. Science is an interesting subject, which students learn in an exciting manner. To evaluate students’ performance in science, the board prepares question papers and conducts exams. By using some past year science question papers, students can easily develop a familiarity with actual test paper pattern. CBSE question paper is indeed the most preferred learning resource. It provides detail knowledge of question pattern and marking scheme. Students can collect CBSE question papers for class 1 science online and can practice these before exams.

Science Question Papers for Class 1 CBSE 2013

Science is an intriguing and fun subject. It makes students understand about amazing facts of earth, planets, animals, plants, food, etc. Students, who are pursuing class 1 education, generally learn science subject in a fun way. In classroom sessions, many objects and colorful images are being used to teach science subject to students. Besides this, the board also evaluates students’ knowledge through weekly or monthly assessments. In order to prepare well for exams, students can practice important past year question papers offered by the board. Question papers for class 1 CBSE science are collection of some previous year question papers. With constant practice of these questions papers, students can improve their knowledge up to a certain extent. Science question papers for class 1 CBSE 2013 are available online for students. 

Question Papers Class 1 CBSE Science 2012

CBSE question papers are primarily design to evaluate students’ knowledge and skills of answering questions. With the support of experienced academicians, the board has been able to prepare question papers in accordance with the learning ability of students. Science is an informative subject that upgrades students’ knowledge on the topics of environment, human body, earth, planets, weather, electricity, animals, plants, food, water, etc. The board offers useful question papers for class 1 CBSE science for revision and exam preparation purpose. Students can easily download question papers class 1 CBSE science 2012 online and practice these thoroughly before exams. It will give detail understanding to students about all important questions that might come in exams. 

CBSE Class i Science Question papers 2011

Science is an exciting subject with many incredible facts that students are required to learn in a step-by-step manner. The CBSE board provides necessary guidance to students in a concise and clear way so that they acquire knowledge aptly and excel in their academic career. The board has prepared some essential question papers for students. They can use question papers for class 1 CBSE science before exams and can attain good score. CBSE question papers are important learning tool as these make students understand the real test papers pattern and marking scheme. Along with this, students also develop a good pace at attempting question within the specified time frame. CBSE class i science question papers 2011 are available online for students.