CBSE English Question Paper for Class 11


English is an important subject and students need to understand this subject thoroughly to get desired position in job-oriented fields. This is extensively used in many sectors and through this language; students can communicate with others globally. Knowing English makes people employable in almost every country in the world. Moreover, this language is quite used in science discipline and therefore, students must know this language to excel in this field. It is proved that students with sound knowledge in English can get good opportunities in many English speaking countries. Keeping in mind this scenario, the CBSE board has included English subject as English Communicative and English language and literature in the syllabus designed for class 11. 

Apart from the well-evaluated syllabus, the CBSE board also designs suitable question papers for each subject. CBSE question papers are constituted by following CCE pattern through which the board assesses students’ learning problems and therefore, it prescribes appropriate remedial steps for the improvement of students’ overall performance. Additionally, the board makes all English question papers available online for the easy accessibility of students. Hence, students can easily get CBSE English question paper for class 11 at their convenient time.

Question Paper for Class 11 CBSE English 2013

The CBSE board is known for its well-structured syllabus and comprehensive learning system that not only meets students’ overall learning needs, but also maintains a praiseworthy educational standard since a long period of time. The Board maintains a systematics process while prescribing syllabus for each class. Based on the current demands, the board designs syllabus and also modifies it from time to time to keep students updated in all manners. Question papers play a vital role in measuring students’ knowledge in exams and keeping in mind its importance, the board prepares each question paper carefully. Both objective and subjective types of questions are included in each CBSE question paper in a required manner. Moreover, CBSE question papers are available online and these are available year-wise. Hence, students can easily download question paper for class 11 CBSE English 2013 online.

English Question Paper for Class 11 CBSE 2012

English is the most used language in the world. To excel in many fields, students need to understand this language thoroughly. It is also referred as the language of science. Knowing English allows students to choose their preferred job in any place in the world. Based on its importance, the CBSE board has designed suitable syllabus for English for class 11 students. Additionally, appropriate question papers are also prepared by this board to gauge students’ knowledge at the end of each academic session. Based on some CCE criteria, each CBSE question paper is designed and hence, it thoroughly measures students’ understanding. Moreover, CBSE Maths question paper for class 11 2012 is an ideal example of a well-structured question paper. This paper is available online and hence, students can download and use this at their convenient time.

English Question Paper for Class 11 CBSE 2011

CBSE question paper has great demand in educational field. Each CBSE question paper is constituted carefully and it is structured with both objective and subjective types of questions to assess students’ knowledge thoroughly. Several academic experts are associated with the CBSE board and therefore, each CBSE question paper is designed under the strict guidance of these experts. As a result, CBSE question papers gauge students’ expertise in a thorough manner. English question paper for class 11 CBSE 2011 is available online. Students, who are preparing for class 11 exams, can use this question paper as a reference. By using this paper, students become acquainted with the current question pattern and marking distribution system.