CBSE Class 6 Social Science Question Paper


The CBSE board provides all necessary study materials that students are required to learn in an academic year. In class 6, social science is added as a compulsory subject. Based on the prescribed syllabus, the subject experts design question papers and evaluate students’ knowledge periodically. Social science subject is designed to give students knowledge about society and its various aspects including culture, religion, individual behavior, social issues and conflicts, political and economic systems, etc. By using previous year question papers before exams, students develop familiarity with real test paper. Along with this, they also understand the marking scheme and question pattern appropriately. With this information, students not only become confident but also attempt questions correctly. Students, who are pursuing education under the CBSE board, can use important question papers for exam preparation. The CBSE class 6 social science question paper is available online, students can download it easily.

CBSE Social Science Question Paper for Class 6 2013

The CBSE board gauges students’ knowledge thorough exams. Experienced subject experts work collaboratively and invest their precious time to design question papers in line with CBSE guidelines. Students can prepare for exams with the help of past year question papers. They can check their competency after completing the entire test paper and can improve their weak areas. Besides this, CBSE social science question papers for class 6 also make students understand the making scheme and question pattern that has been set by the board. Social science is a compulsory subject for class 6. The study of social science gives knowledge to students about society including behavior of individual and group, social issues and conflicts of society, past events and historical background of India, etc. The CBSE social science question paper for class 6 2013 is available online for students.

CBSE 6th Class Social Science Question Paper 2012

The CBSE board refines its educational materials from time to time so as to meets the current learning requirements of students in an effective manner. With the assistance of academic experts, the board designs question papers and assess students’ aptitude in each subject. Social science is a good subject as it makes students responsible towards the society. Besides this, the study of social science keeps students updated with varied concern of society. By using CBSE social science question papers for class 6, students can practice for exams in an organized manner. They can analyze their speed at attempting questions and can also evaluate their proficiency in the subject appropriately. Students can collect CBSE 6th class social science question paper 2012 online.

Social Science Question Paper for Class 6 CBSE 2011

Many students struggle with social science subject and score low marks in exams. It is a proven fact that social science subject needs more time as compared to other subjects. Social science subject enables students to develop a critical understanding towards the society. Students can practice social science by using past year test papers. It gives an idea to them about important questions that are consecutively asked in the exams. Besides this, students can develop a good pace by practicing question papers on a regular basis. In CBSE social science question papers for class 6, the total marks are judiciously allotted for each question and based on the number of questions, the time duration is also set by the board. Students can collect social science question paper for class 6 CBSE 2011 online for exam preparation.