CBSE Open Text Material for Class 11


CBSE is a prestigious educational board and it is well-appreciated due to its informative syllabi and beneficial learning documents. Based on the current educational scenario, the board prepares appropriate learning materials for students of different classes. Additionally, the board introduces new schemes and sections to make education effective as well as interesting for students. However, the main objective of this board is to impart well-balanced education and for that it adopts necessary steps at regular intervals. It not only organizes several academic activities for students but also conducts empowerment programs for associated academicians. However, open text book assessment (OTBA) is a section and the board has added this section in the main question papers of some subjects of class 9 and 11. It is included to keep students stress free from the burden of rote learning. However, 10 marks are allotted for this section and it is added in the final exam papers of all subjects of class 9 and three subjects of class 11. This section was incorporated in the final question papers in March, 2014 exam. Additional ½ hours is given to students for solving this CBSE OTBA part. It is stated that class 11 students can enhance their comprehension and inference skill through this section. Moreover, OTBA section is added in the class 11 question papers designed for Biology, Economics and Geography. Additionally, OTBA CBSE class 11 open text materials are also prepared by this board. Students are suggested to follow these OTBA learning materials to get clear conception about this section.

CBSE Open Text Material for Class 11 Biology

Biology is an interesting subject and it comes under Science stream. It is useful as it makes us aware about the life and different living organisms. It gives students knowledge about growth, structure, evolution of several living creatures. However, this subject has different sub-topics and each sub-topic imparts specific information to students. For instance, Biochemistry is all about the rudimentary Chemistry whereas botany talks about various plants. Moreover, CBSE class 11 Biology syllabus and exam papers are well-structured. The board has recently added OTBA or open text book assessment in the class 11 Biology final question paper. The board has prepared suitable Biology text materials for OTBA. Suitable sample questions are added in these text materials. 

CBSE Open Text Material for Class 11 Economics

Economics is a part of Social Science and it gives useful information to students. Macroeconomics, globalization, supply and demand are some important topics of this subject. However, the CBSE class 11 Economics syllabus is worthwhile for students. Additionally, the board prepares suitable question papers for this subject. However, OTBA or open text book assessment is a newly added section through which students can enhance their comprehension and information processing skill. Moreover, the CBSE board has prepared open text material for OTBA for class 11 Economics. Hence, students can easily get familiar with this section. 10 marks are allotted for this part. The board has added OTBA section in the class 11 Economics final question paper designed for 2014. 

CBSE Open Text Material for Class 11 Geography

Geography comes under Social Science discipline. It makes students aware about the geographic feature of the India as well as the other parts of the world. It imparts us information about soil, climate, water, vegetation, natural disaster and others. However, the CBSE board offers suitable Geography syllabus for class 11 students. The board also prepares worthwhile question papers for this subject. Moreover, the board has added OTBA or open text book assessment in the final exam papers of some class 11 subjects including Geography. The CBSE board has offered open text materials for each subject and these learning materials make students acquainted with this newly added section. Students are advised to follow these text materials before their exams.