CBSE Syllabus for Class 2 Maths


The CBSE board is an esteemed name in the education field. It offers highly informative study materials to meet the educational requirements of students.  It has been a constant endeavor of the board to inculcate valuable knowledge in students. The board has structured a comprehensive syllabus for class 2. Using this well-revised syllabus, students can prepare their study schedule precisely and can attain good scores in exams. Apart from class-room learning, the board tries to instill useful values that help students in achieving great heights of success in their career. Syllabus for math subject is coherently designed by the CBSE board with the assistance of subject experts. Every topic is included keeping in mind the learning capabilities of those students, who are pursuing grade 2 education under this board. Students can collect a revised CBSE syllabus for class 2 Maths online. It is an ideal learning resource with regards to understanding the topics and marking distribution pattern that are suggested by the board for grade 2. 

CBSE Class 2 Maths Syllabus 2013

The CBSE board is well acquainted with latest learning requirements of students. Based on students learning needs, the board designs a comprehensive syllabus for them. A CBSE maths syllabus for class 2 is a well-structured instructional guide that enables students to understand the topics that they need to cover in an academic year. Math is extremely informative and essential subject. It is required in every phase of life. Hence, it is compulsory for all students to acquire basic mathematical skills. In grade 2, students learn various math topics including arranging numbers in descending and ascending orders, addition and subtraction of numbers, missing numbers, identifying shapes, etc. An updated CBSE class 2 Maths syllabus 2013 is available online for students. 

Maths Syllabus for Class 2 CBSE 2012

Math knowledge helps students in recognizing different shapes and patterns. Along with this, it also gives useful insight to students about mathematical operations including addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of numbers. The CBSE board offers a revised math syllabus for class 2 that students can refer and start studies a little early. With the support of academic experts, the board conducts research and based on that it designs curriculum for class 2. The CBSE maths syllabus for class 2 also contains required information about marking scheme, which will help students during exams in managing their time appropriately. Maths syllabus for class 2 CBSE 2012 is available online, which students can collect at their convenient time.

CBSE Syllabus for Class 2 Maths 2011

The CBSE syllabus helps teachers in providing thorough knowledge to students on topics prescribed by the board. Along with this, it also helps in monitoring and assessing students’ academic progress. The CBSE math syllabus for class 2 explains the purpose of a course in a comprehensive manner. It is carefully designed by adhering to defined educational norms and standards. The primarily objective of a syllabus is to keep students updated with new information as well as encourages them to practices important topics on a regular basis. The board offers revised CBSE syllabus for class 2 Maths 2011 online to students. They can take help from syllabus during examinations time and can understand the marking scheme thoroughly.