CBSE Class 12 Syllabus for 2018-19


A syllabus is structured information that meets the students’ academic needs as well as offers a satisfaction to the teachers to make their students ready for the exams. However, a syllabus is a well-formed information that includes suitable chapters, along with topics and sub-topics, reference questions and the guidelines that assist students in completing the entire course successfully within a specified time. A syllabus matters a lot for the students as it adds value to the learning method and allows one to upgrade his knowledge as per the academic standard. Besides, syllabus plays some prominent roles as it maintains uniformity among the students as well as motivates each one to learn and explore new concepts.

However, class 12 syllabus is one of the important course structures as it develops the base of further studies. Based on class 12 result, students decide their future academic plan and move forward to attain their career objective. In this regard, CBSE class 12 syllabus 2018-19 is instructive, imperative as well as up to date. By following the NCERT guidelines, all important subjects, including Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy and others are added in the curriculum. Besides, the course of study designed for each subject is ideally prepared to meet the overall learning requirements of the students.

However, based on the chosen stream, students must focus on each subject equally and learn each topic from the core to develop a sound knowledge in each subject. Besides, CBSE sample papers and other leaning aid help students in making their study method hassle free.

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