CBSE Class 11 Syllabus for 2018-2019


A syllabus is a defined content that fulfils the students’ learning needs as well as provides a satisfaction to the teachers to make their students prepared for the forthcoming tests.  However, a syllabus is a well-structured content that adds suitable chapters, along with the topics and sub-topics. Besides, the reference questions and the guidelines to complete the course structure are the key parts of each CBSE syllabus.

Moreover, a syllabus means a lot for the students as it adds value to the expertise and allows one to expand his academic knowledge. In addition, syllabus plays a prominent role in academics as it motivates students and also encourages them to explore new areas of learning.However, CBSE class 11 syllabus 2018-19 is one of the imperative course structures as it builds the base of further studies. By covering this curriculum, students can determine their interest and also can decide their future study plan as well as the career objective. However, CBSE class 11 syllabus 2018-19 is the latest curriculum and it is informative, imperative as well as it maintains an updated outlook.
By following the NCERT guidelines, all important subjects, including Physics, Math, Chemistry, Accountancy, Biology and others are added in the course module. Besides, it offers three academic streams with a good number of subjects. The syllabus designed for each subject is meticulously prepared to meet the overall learning needs of the students.

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