CBSE Syllabus for Class 1, 2018-19


Syllabus makes students acquainted with the relevant chapters, topics, subtopics, relevant questions, assignments, projects and other important aspects that a student must know during an academic session. However, CBSE syllabi are well-formed and organized as each one includes a good number of chapters in a right order so that students can develop a sound knowledge in each basic subject at the end of each session. On the other hand, the board prepares pertinent practice materials for each basic subject to engage students in learning. In this regard, CBSE model papers, worksheets and other documents are a great study tool that allows each one to master a subject.

However, CBSE class 1 syllabus for 2018-19 is the latest course module that imparts a thorough understanding about different basic subjects such as Math, English, Hindi and Science. Each course structure designed for each basic subject is favorable as well as informative and most importantly, each one is modified after a certain interval. Thus, each CBSE study module is updated and valuable for the students. Additionally, CBSE class 1 sample papers and worksheets are useful to solve during the exam preparation to improve the writing and time management skills. Students can collect the CBSE syllabi and practice materials online.

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