CBSE Chemistry


Chemistry is a vital subject of science stream. It is also known as an important branch of physical science. This subject is all about properties, composition and chemical bonds of different subtances. Additionally, through this subject students get to know information about atoms and their interactions. CBSE is a reputed educational board and it provides well-structured syllabus for chemistry. Several experienced subject experts are associated with this board and they are involved in prescribing appropriate chemistry syllabus for different classes. They design well-evaluated chemistry syllabus for each class by incorporating required topics in a sequential manner. Additionally, the board includes updated information in each chemistry syllabus from time to time to make students up-to-date in terms of knowledge and skills. Students can also get chemistry question papers online. They can download these question papers and gauge their expertise before exams. In short, by following this process, they can easily self-assess their knowledge and take required steps for further improvement.

CBSE Chemistry Class 11

CBSE provides updated chemistry syllabus for all classes. These syllabi are generally made under the guidance of several subject experts. Hence, these syllabi adequately meet students’ overall learning demands in a right way. Essential topics are systematically incorporated in each syllabus and for that, the CBSE syllabi are taken as a worthwhile learning resource for all students. CBSE Chemistry Class 11 syllabus is a perfect example for a well-evaluated syllabus. In this syllabus, topics are sequentially represented for better understanding of students. Some topics included in the syllabus are structure of atom, classification of elements and periodicity in properties, chemical bonding and molecular structure, states of matter, thermodynamics, equilibrium, redox reactions, hydrogen and others.

CBSE Chemistry Class 12

As chemistry is a vital subject of science stream and this subject needs to be learnt in a step- by-step manner. Keeping in mind this scenario, CBSE board has prescribed each chemistry syllabus carefully. Required topics are included in each syllabus in a sequential manner so that students can learn chemistry in a proper order. CBSE Chemistry Class 12 syllabus is a good learning resource for class 12 students. Students, who are pursuing their studies from different boards, can also check this syllabus as a reference.  Some important topics included in the syllabus are solid state, solutions, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, surface chemistry, general principles and processes of Isolation of elements, p-block elements and others. CBSE Chemistry Class 12 questions papers are also available online. Hence, students can check all these papers after completion of the entire syllabus. By using these chemistry question papers, students can self-assess their expertise before exams and this is a proven method thus students can brush up their overall knowledge in the right way.

CBSE Chemistry Sample Paper

Sample paper is good to use after completion of the entire syllabus. While revising any subject students can use sample papers on that particular subject. By using sample papers, students can get to know different types of questions that might come in exams. Additionally, they can assess their own knowledge and also can check their strong and weak areas. Consequently, they can take proper guidance from subject experts and improve their skills before exams. It has been observed that many students enhance their time management skills by solving sample papers. CBSE sample papers are available online and students can take required help at their convenient time. In this context, CBSE Chemistry Sample Paper is a good study resource and students can take some important topics from this sample paper and practice these to perform well in exams.

CBSE board always offers updated information on different topics and for that, students rely on CBSE question papers and sample papers the most.  These sample papers are well-structured due to maintenance of standard marking scheme and question pattern. Hence, students should use CBSE sample papers to become familiar with the current marking scheme and the pattern of different questions. These sample papers are available class-wise so students can take these as per their standard. CBSE sample papers class 12 chemistry is available online. According to subject experts, students should use these before exams. Additionally, sample papers are helpful to do self-assessment. Through sample papers, students can check their expertise and improve this in a required manner. They can get to know different types of questions, which were asked on different topics. Therefore, they can prepare topics according to that. In short, this entire process improves students’ performance in exams.
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CBSE Question Paper of Chemistry 2011

CBSE offers different types of question papers online. Students generally need these question papers after completion of the entire syllabus. Then they can practice these to improve their expertise in each topic. Additionally, they get to know different kinds of questions and according to that they do exam preparation in an appropriate way. CBSE question paper of chemistry 2011 is a good source through which students not only learn the question pattern, but also become familiar with the current marking scheme. This question paper is available online and hence, students can use this when needing learning help. Moreover, these question papers allow students to do self-assessment, which is quite beneficial for them. Thus, they can easily detect their problem areas beforehand and also improve these requisitely.