CCE Syllabus for Class 10


CCE is continuous and comprehensive evolution. Here ‘continuous’ stands for a process through which students’ understanding and skills are evaluated in a continuous manner. Additionally, ‘comprehensive’ means a system, which contains both scholastics and co-scholastic activities and these activities not only enhance students’ aptitude, but also improve their attitude towards education. This system is adopted by the CBSE board to assess students’ learning problems in a thorough manner. Through this system, the board not only determines students’ learning difficulties, but also prescribes remedial solutions. Therefore, students get required learning help and based on that, they can perform well in exams.  By scholastic activities, the board analyses students’ subject specific areas whereas through co-scholastic activities, students’ life skills, co-curricular activities and other qualities are assessed thoroughly. Additionally, formative and summative assessments are included in each academic session and these assessments measure students’ learning capabilities and also supervise students’ activities.
In short, it has been observed that CCE system noticeably improves students’ performance in exams. The CBSE board designs suitable syllabus for different subjects by following CCE pattern. As a result, each CBSE syllabus is well-structured and it meets students’ requirements in terms of knowledge in a right manner.  CBSE CCE syllabi are available online. The subjects included in the CCE syllabus for class 10 are English communicative, English Language and Literature, Hindi-A, Hindi-B, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Sanskrit.

CCE Syllabus for Class 10 English

English is an important subject and this subject is properly included in the syllabus designed for class 10. According to CCE syllabus for class 10 English, students can choose this subject as English communicative and English Language and literature. Based on the current educational demands, the syllabus for English is well-structured. The entire syllabus is divided into different sections and each section gives specific information to students. By following this syllabus, students can easily improve their reading, writing and other relevant skills. CCE syllabus for class 10 English is available online and hence, students can collect this syllabus at their convenient time.

CCE Syllabus for Class 10 Science

Knowing science opens up many career opportunities for students. Keeping in mind this scenario, the CBSE board has included science in each syllabus in a required manner.  Based on the students’ standard, each science topic has been chosen by the board. Consequently, these topics are incorporated in each syllabus by following a sequential manner. Additionally, the CBSE board follows CCE pattern while designing suitable syllabus and question papers for different classes as this pattern enables the board to assess students’ learning difficulties in a right manner. In short, through this CCE system, students’ learning capabilities as well as their weak areas are detected and based on that, they get the right solution to improve their performance in exams. CCE syllabus for class 10 Science is an ideal example of a well-structured syllabus and most importantly, this syllabus is available online. Therefore, students can collect CBSE CCE syllabus for class 10 Science and get requisite learning help at their convenient time.

CBSE CCE Syllabus for Class 10 Maths

Maths is an important subject and knowing math is good to get desired job in many fields. A student first learn math while he/she counts birds, followers and many other things. Sound knowledge in Math enhances students’ problem solving skills and also opens up many carrier oriented opportunities for students. Based on the research, the CBSE board designs suitable Math syllabus for each class. Additionally, the board makes some required changes in the syllabus at regular intervals. Moreover, the board also prepares sample papers, study materials, solved question papers to help students in learning subjects. Most importantly, the board makes all these learning materials available online. Hence, students can check these valuable resources including CBSE CCE syllabus for class 10 Maths at their preferred time.

CCE Syllabus for Class 10 Hindi-A

Hindi is included in the CBSE syllabus designed for class 10. To give students adequate knowledge as per their standard, the board has carefully chosen some relevant topics of Hindi. Therefore, students can learn Hindi properly by following this syllabus. Additionally, the board has adopted CCE system and through this system, it evaluates students’ learning difficulties thoroughly. Consequently, the board prescribes remedial measures that help students in improving their performance in exams. Moreover, based on the CCE guidelines, the board designs syllabus and question paper for each subject. CCE syllabus for class 10 Hindi is well-structured and this syllabus is available online.

CCE Syllabus for Class 10 Hindi-B

The CBSE board offers Hindi –B. The details syllabus for this subject is available in the attached sheet. Hence, students can get a clear idea about this subject.