CBSE Biology Syllabus


CBSE is a standard educational board of India. It maintains its prestigious features in all respects. The board has done required research and based on that, it modifies each syllabus in a required manner. Several subject experts are associated with this board and they are involved in prescribing syllabus for different classes. All basic subjects and their essential topics are thoroughly incorporated in each syllabus to give students clear idea about their curriculum. CBSE Biology syllabus is a perfect example of a well-structured syllabus. Keeping in mind students’ requirements, all necessary topics are properly included in this syllabus. Additionally, each topic is well-explained with required biology pictures and charts for better understanding of students. Moreover, CBSE Biology syllabus is represented class-wise and students can get this online.

Class 12 is an important standard when students need to have thorough understanding on different subjects. Keeping in mind this scenario, CBSE board has designed its syllabus appropriately. Based on the current demands, all essential topics are sequentially incorporated in each syllabus as per standard. Hence, students get thorough understanding on each topic. Additionally, they get study materials on different subjects and these are quite worthwhile for students. CBSE Biology syllabus for class 12 is an updated syllabus, which provides adequate information on different topics. Moreover, the entire syllabus is designed under the guidance of subject experts and hence, it is well-structured and understandable in all respects. Some topics included in this syllabus are reproduction in organisms, sexual reproduction in flowering plants, human reproduction, reproductive health, principles of inheritance and variation, molecular basis of inheritance, evolution, human health and disease and others. Students can get this syllabus online.
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CBSE board is a prestigious educational board of India and it has been providing quality school education along with a healthy learning environment since its inception. The board generally conducts required research and according to that, it modifies its syllabus at regular intervals. To maintain its noble objectives, the board provides up-to-date syllabus and question structure in all respects. To keep up an advanced feature in all respects, the board organizes different academic and training programs, which impact students positively. CBSE biology syllabus for class 11 is an ideal syllabus, which is structured by combining important topics in a requisite manner. Some topics included in the syllabus are the living world, biological classification, plant kingdom, Animal kingdom, morphology of flowering plants, anatomy of flowering plants, structural organization in animals, cell: the unit of life and others. For the convenience of students the board makes CBSE biology syllabus for class 11 available online. Hence, they can get required help by following this syllabus in a step-by-step manner.

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CBSE Biology Syllabus for Class 10

CBSE offers standard syllabus for all classes. Additionally, it provides well-structured question papers and relevant study materials for students. Biology is an important subject and it is all about our life and living organisms. Biology is included in science subject in class 10. Therefore, students can learn biology separately at a higher level. All necessary biology topics are sequentially included in the science syllabus designed for class 10. Hence, students get adequate knowledge on different topics and this is the basic step, which is required to learn biology thoroughly in higher standard. Some biology topics included in the science syllabus for class 10 are reproduction, heredity and evolution, nutrition and others. CBSE biology syllabus for class 10 is available online so that students can get help from this syllabus anytime.